Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo!

Like I had mentioned in my last post, on Memorial Day we took Owen to the Seattle Zoo! Oh man, we had so much fun!!! We decided to head over there right when it opened to ensure optimal zoo time, and before nap time! :) We ended up spending most of the day there! Owen loves animals, and is actually pretty fearless when it comes to petting animals and wanting to be close. So much so, that he was ready to literally climb/jump the fence of some of the animals and run after them! (e.i. the Giraffe!) He loved every second. Watching his face expressions and reactions to the animals was priceless! He is at such a fun age right now where he is just exploring the world around him. He loves to walk around and jabber all day long! He loves to make animal noises and I swear this kid is learning 2 or 3 words a day! I know I always say this, but really... can we PLEASE freeze time... please???

Please enjoy the many faces of Owen:

"Oh my gosh dad! Did you see that!?!" When he is super excited he grabs our faces!

Don't they look like you could just snuggle them??

I like this one because he was smiling for me!

For anyone of you who know Shad really well... you know that this is TOTALLY a Shad face!!!

Waving at the monkeys:

I think Owen may have enjoyed "petting" these statues more than the actual animals.

He loves to take our hands and guide us around. He's pretty much the boss around here.

More statues... I actually have a similar picture in the same spot when I am just a few years older than Owen!

The Lion... Owen growled at him the whole time!

The Giraffe exhibit was actually kind of lame, which is why Owen wanted to climb the fences to get a better look!

Trying to get a better look... at Daddy's expense!

Owen LOVES birds... daily he requests all the window blinds open so he can "bird watch." So getting to feed the birds was a real treat!

And the zoo did not disappoint in the bird department, it offered A LOT of types!

The mountain goat posed for us nicely.

The gorillas ended up being one of our favorite exhibits. Very cool.

They actually had a dinosaur exhibit too, but you had to pay to get in. So we decided against it... but this was a "preview" to it. And the only family picture we took.

And finally, I think this picture pretty much sums up the day:

I'm excited for our next zoo trip!!


Brad and Kjirstin said...

You got some pretty sweet animal pics, almost convincing that they are not in a zoo. We can't wait till Charly hits that age where she actually knows what is going on. And is that your Hogle Zoo tshirt I spy?

keine.angst said...

He looks so happy! I loved that zoo! Miss you all! There are squirles everywhere here and the kids love to put peanuts out on the deck and they come eat them - they leave a mess but it is fun! I don't remember seeing squirles when we lived in WA, I don't really remember birds either actually! Glad he enjoys animals!

Rosalie said...

Definitely a Shad face!!! What adorable pictures of everyone and all the animals! Loved the smiling bear, but loved Owen's smiling face the most! Love you all!

Rachel said...

Taking young kids to the zoo (or anywhere new for them) is the best! The looks of wonder and excitement on Owen's face are so stinkin' cute!

I love that you are lovin' being a Mom. And why shouldn't you? You have an adorable little boy! :)