Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'He makes me melt like a popsicle on the 4th of the ly!'

I. LOVE. INDEPENDENCE. DAY. It is by far my favorite holiday. I'm not really sure what exactly it is about 4th of July that I love so much. We don't have any grand traditions or do anything super special, I just love everything it seems to represent: summer, family, food, freedom, liberty, founding fathers, American history, swimming, friends, and fireworks! I just love it all!
This year was nothing special. Shad was able to pretty much take this ONE day off from Bar prep to spend with us! YAY! Shad and I have an annual 4th of July breakfast where we make red, white, and blue waffles (raspberries, blueberries, whip cream!) along with all other fancy breakfast fixings. This year we did our big breakfast on Saturday, because our new ward has an annual breakfast and flag ceremony on the 4th that we decided to attend as a family. Yum! The weather was incredible this year, which almost never seems to happen here... everytime I can remember 4th of July it is always raining/cloudy in Seattle. But not this year! We went for a walk, played outside, ate outside, took out Owen's new "pool" and had a great day! Later Shad and I decided to leave Owen with the grandparents and venture on our own to Tacoma's freedom festival to eat good food and walk along the sound. We stayed a bit for some of the firework show, but left early to miss the traffic. Overall... a day well spent! And Owen slept through the entire night of firework booming!

Owen and Shad walking around the park after the breakfast!

Loves balloons!

He's really into smelling flowers right now... he sticks his WHOLE face in them and takes a huge whiff!!

Pool time!

Owen was so funny... he would stand up just to plop right back down in the water on his bum and make a splash!

What's better than this!?

No picture of our date night... but it was so fun to get out together and enjoy the Holiday! Hope you did too!


Rosalie said...

Awe they are adorable pictures! What fun and I am glad you got to spend quality family time together! And a date too....Woo Hoo! I miss you all! Thanks for sharing!

Kirsten said...

omg I'm IN LOVE with Owen's stylin' shades and cute lil flip flops!!! SO stinkin cute!!! i tried flip flops on McKinley, but she FREAKED OUT and pulled them off lol Miss you guys--call me soon!!! We need our chat time :)

Chelsea said...

I love those pictures and am glad you guys had such a good time!

Marilyn said...

Owen is such a cool dude with those sunglasses on. Remember that one year that we celebrated together with breakfast, the park, and rockband? That seems like so long ago now :( I miss you. Glad you had so much fun!!!