Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's Make it Official

Just wanted to pay quick tribute to my guy! As you probably read/heard Shad PASSED the WA State Bar exam!! Whoo hoo! Well, yesterday it was made officially official! Shad was sworn in at the Kent Justice Center as a new attorney in WA state. We are all pretty proud of him! This has been a LONG time coming. He always knew that he wanted to go to law school and be a lawyer and now... He is!!! Congrats, Shad! (Now... I job!)

Shad getting sworn in... you can't tell in the picture but his right arm is raised.

Its official... signed by the judge!

The congratulatory handshake!

Family picture, all saying "cheese" to get Owen to smile!

Shad and I... it was a RAINY Seattle day what else!
You may now come to Shad with all your legal needs! :)


Annette Larsen said...

congratulations! What an incredible accomplishment. Nicely done. Now, a big sigh of relief and off to the job hunt! Good luck!

Courtney said...

Hurray!!! Congratulations are definitely in order for such a great accomplishment! Way to go, Shad!!! (And way to go, Krista, for being a patient wife through law school!)

Samantha said...

That is so exciting! Congrats! Miss you guys. t-minus 1 year till that is us!

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!! So proud of him :)

Rosalie said...

That is awesome and thanks for sharing the photos so I can enjoy the day with you! I am so proud of both of you for working hard for what you want! I miss you all! Love Mom