Monday, March 26, 2012

Pictures lately, and my child prodigy

Just thought I would post a few pictures of what's going on lately. Nothing too exciting happening around here... Shad and is still working hard, long days. And I'm still staying at home with the kiddos. The weather lately has been really cold, rainy, and slushy so we haven't gotten out much, just a lot of hanging out at home. :)

Nathan continues to be my angel baby...he still loves to be swaddled, and he does a lot of this (sometimes at the same time as Owen too, whoo hoo)
Owen has a small obsession with the ipad my parents bought, I think he uses it more than anyone in the house! Ipad= One Happy Boy!

Yeah, Shad thinks he is the one sleep deprived... riiiiight.
Yesterday, before church, my dad took some new family photos of the four of us. It was a small miracle that we were ready early enough to squeeze in picture time! We even color coordinated!

Then I got some cute pictures of my little guy. He's just too sweet.
Nathan is starting to be really responsive. He loves to talk/coo to you and will often flash his adorable grin! Can you believe he is 8 weeks old already!?! (Me neither!)

Now for my little prodigy! Today I was trying to get dressed, get some laundry folded, and take care of Nathan. Owen was craving some mommy time and attention, so I gave him some letter cards (a favorite of his) to pacify him while I cleaned up. Finally, when I took notice of him playing I looked on my bed to find this:
NO JOKE--Owen had spelled out 'Owen,' 'Bus,' 'Truck,' and 'Car'! Little smarty pants show off! Needless to say he got the attention he was craving for!

He then asked me to help him spell out 'mommy' and 'daddy.'
It doesn't stop there. He can spell/recognize the words: toy, boy, baby, grandma, grandpa, stop, go, train, and a few others! All this at just 25 months old!


Courtney said...

I believe your little Owen is going to be famous one day. :) So fun to see new pictures! Glad you guys are doing well.

Kambria said...

These are too cute. I want to hold that little baby so badly!!!! Can't wait to see you guys.

Cara said...

My father in law commented that he's never seen a kid as young as Brooklynn know her letters and I had to tell him all about Owen and his letters and numbers. He is just so smart! Nathan is absolutely adorable! We definitely need to have a play date soon.

Kirsten said...

Omg Owen IS a prodigy!!! What a smart kid!!!! Wow!!! And Nathan is getting so big!! How is he eight weeks??? I heard a baby be. Born in the room next door tonight, can't wait to hold my sweet Hayden....I know, still too early but ya know ;) cute family picture, love you guys!!!

Marilyn said...

Your kids are amazingly cute and smart!! You have every reason to brag about them at ALL times! Where did you get those flashcards!? He may be the smartest kid ever!! :)

Joel & Megan said...

WOW! Smart OWEN! Way to GO!!!

Rosalie said...

I love the pictures and seeing that smart little Grandson! Time flies so fast so I can hardly wait to see you all! I love you all!!!