Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Library

Owen LOVES the library. 

I take Owen to the library story time just about every Wednesday. We love it. In Spokane I took Owen to a baby story time there and it was just so nice to get out. When we moved over to Auburn, I had such fond memories of going to the local Algona/Pacific library when I was younger, I was excited to bring Owen. 

We still go to the "Baby Story Time," strictly speaking its supposed to only be ages 0-24 months. However, there are numerous older children/toddlers there that come, who also have younger baby siblings. Or other mothers who just don't want to switch over to the older class. :) Luckily, I had Nathan just in time, for when Owen turned 2, and can now bring Owen and Nathan and still claim to have a baby! We go for one main reason: Miss Robin. She is the BEST! (And perhaps the reason many other moms don't want to move up classes!) She loves my dear sweet Owen, she picks out special books JUST for him. And also does his favorite songs when she sees us there. Miss Robin loves to show off Owen's special talent for numbers and letters, just as much as I do! She is simply fascinated by my little prodigy child! (Well... who can blame her!) 

But the best part is: Owen LOVES her back. As soon as he hears that it's library day he RUNS to the door and yells "Lets go 'buy' new books and go see Miss Robin!" Curiously, Owen doesn't exactly love the story time... especially when its crowded, because he is not a "socialite." He loves Miss Robin, and the special attention she gives him, and loves the books; but I think he could do without all the singing.  Hehe. :) But he endures it for the playtime afterwards, where he immediately claims possesion of the few cars/trucks they provide. He also knows, that after story time we get to go look at books to take home. And he LOVES LOVES LOVES pointing out all the letters along the shelf. 

Not only do I love watching Owen have a great time with books and watch him get praised by Miss Robin. We've developed quite the group of regulars that go weekly... a little socializing for us mommas! I've even met some other LDS moms! I hope Nathan learns to love the library outings as Owen and I have! 

Here are some of this week's book picks: 

 We check out some of the SAME books out OVER and OVER... I finally had to BUY some for his birthday and Christmas, because of how sad it was to return them every time.

Our next purchase might have to be Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 (I already had to buy Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!)

 I also LOVE how the books encourage such imagination! Here Owen is picking up the apples from the tree and "feeding" them to the numbers. So cute!
We love the library. Its definitely a highlight of our week. Especially for a momma who doesn't get out much with the two peanuts. You should join us!!! Its so fun!


Rosalie said...

I am not surprised he loves books. Book was Heidi's first word. All of my children have loved them when they were small. I so enjoy seeing the happy smiles on his face and the feeding of the apples to the numbers. What an adorable young one he is! Only two more months and one very happy Grandma! :} :]

The Oram's said...

I want to let you know you inspired me at christmas to start going because then Caydence would be more interested in it. She loves going! They only have singing time for her age group but she loves singing and all the props she gets to use. She has started to even pick up books when we get home and go to her room to read them because that's what i do. It's hard to read with the TV on. It's so funny she copies. But when we go to the library her favorite thing to do is to get on the computer. Can't change that interest no matter where we go. But it is great to get her use to books now. i wish i had started it earlier. Thanks for the inspiration.