Monday, May 14, 2012

I {heart} Mother's Day

I'm not sure why... but I was really into Mother's Day this year. I think because it was my first Mother's Day to two handsome, adorable boys! I just really wanted to a day to be appreciated and adored for all the work I do at home! Being a mom to two little ones, is a TOUGH job! I was convinced that Shad was going to forget it and not get me anything... I kept reminding him for two weeks prior! But he did not disappoint. :) 

Homemade card, a beginning of many homemade treasures I'm sure. And I may have subtly "hinted" that this is what I wanted!

My mom was especially spoiled this Mother's Day. Of course, she deserves it! My dad took the weekend to take her to her favorite ice cream, the movies, get her flowers, and buy her a new kitchen appliance! :) Then he attempted to cook her breakfast on Sunday morning. And I'm pretty sure that was the first attempt he had made at cooking... EVER. And he did a great job! I also benefitted from his cooking skills on Sunday! Yum! 

Me and my mom. I love her!

I'm so grateful for my mom and everything she does for me. She is a saint, and truly helps me so much with the boys! I'm not sure how I would survive some days without her! She has taught me so much about motherhood, unconditional love, and patience. I'm so lucky that I get her ALL to myself! We got my mom and dad a combo Mother's/Father's Day gift this year and bought them a new computer! (Their computer is seriously ancient and has been dying for quiet a while... many hours pouring over that computer in frustration was enough! It was time for a new one!)

Shad had to speak at church and wasn't told until Tuesday that he was supposed to speak. He had a CRAZY busy week at work... so he didn't get to his talk prep until Sunday morning (we have 1 PM church). He spent a good portion of Mother's Day working on that. His talk was awesome. Then I told him he was to make it up to me with dinner, BUT then he decided to Skype with his mom while *I* cooked dinner for everyone instead. (He sure lucked out of those didn't he!?)

However, I did enjoy my day! I just love being a momma to these two little peanuts!

I just can't stop kissing this little baby boy!

Not the best picture of us, but it was the best I could get with a hunger baby and hyper-can't-stand-still-2-year-old! But I just ADORE them!


The Oram's said...

mine was opposite i thought for sure chad would forget about a gift even thought he was giving me one on one time and time away from caydence too so i was happy enough for my day, he let me take a nap and when i woke up i finally got my colored card from Caydence and him. It's so weird why they mean so much to us. wish we lived closer to each other though. i want to kiss your boys too!

Kambria said...

Aw happy Mother's day! You are a FANTASTIC Mom. I totally am jealous I want My Fair Lady on DVD too lol

Rosalie said...

What fun pictures and great gifts. I think it is great when someone takes time to make something for me too! Sorry that he Skyped with me rather than fix supper, but I so enjoyed it!! I am glad you had a wonderful day! I think your Mom is great too! :}