Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Michigan Trip 2012

Last week, I took a brief trip over to Michigan with the boys and my parents. My mom is from there and all of my extended family lives over there. It was the first time my dear, sweet grandmother got to meet my boys, as well as the rest of the family. It was such a sweet, but short trip. But definitely well worth the trek over.

My mom went over there for two weeks, and my AMAZING dad flew over with me and the boys for just a quick 4 day weekend visit. I'm not sure I would have made it through the airport/flight without him! (Nathan had 4, yes 4, blowouts on the plane ride alone, plus one on the 2 hour car ride from the airport to my grandma's house ... AND Owen decided that he needed to also poo 4 times in 4 hours as well. AHH!) Shad unfortunately couldn't make it... because not only was it crazy expensive for us all to fly, but he is also taking next week off for our trip to Utah and it was just too much time off all at once. 

Owen did great meeting all of the family. He is finally starting to be a little bit more social and open to playing and meeting new people. It was a little overwhelming at first to step into a house full of LOUD Mexicans! But he quickly warmed up to everyone and loved all the attention. And Oh boy, did they SPOIL him rotten! The boys both came home with triple the amount of clothes I had even packed for the trip! Plus Owen added a whole bunch of new items to his growing Thomas the Train paraphernalia collection! (More Thomas books, trains, clothes, puzzles, etc!) Lucky Duck.

The only time I got to hold or even see Nathan during the 4 days was when he needed to eat or had a messy diaper! He was passed around constantly between family members and older girl cousins who just loved to dote on him and make him smile and laugh! He also loved all the attention and is at the PERFECT age to be so social and smiley without the "Stranger Danger" kicking in yet. He is just too sweet. Love that baby boy.

The main purpose for this trip, besides my boys meeting the family, was my cousin, Joaquin, graduated from high school and my aunt threw him a HUGE graduation party! It was so fun to see so many familiar faces of family and friends at the party.

It was just a lot of spending time together with the family and my grandma. But here are some fun pictures from our trip over there. 

(Blogger is being weird and won't let me rearrange the pictures, so they are slightly out of order. And its not letting me add captions to some... Lame.)

During the Graduation Party I took the boys outside because it was so HOT in the hall and the music was a little too loud for these two little kiddos. (They are not yet ready for loud Mexican parties!) But it gave Owen a chance to run around, he loved it!

Nathan with Grandpa

Joaquin at his party!

Me with my sweet boys.

My mom, my Aunt Lisa, me, my Uncle Junior, and my dad:

On Sunday, we decided to all go to the park to let Owen run around, he just loves being outside. The park had a HUGE 'O' and a "Water Mountain" as Owen says. Oh man, he was in love! He was so excited about the 'O for Owen!' This picture is me and my dad trying to get Owen to look at the camera instead of the O... No luck!


Making a big 'O' with grandpa... so cute!

Nathan and Joaquin, everyone just loved to hold Nathan! Who could blame them!?

We also decided to take some family pictures while there. Here is my Aunt Lisa with her husband and 5 kiddos!
(Above: My cousins Joaquin and Santiago, they are good buddies and so handsome!)

My Uncle Junior and his 3 kids.

My aunt Kika (who is just 6 years older than me) with her two daughters.
(Above: Me, the boys, and my parents. I love, love, LOVE that Owen and my dad are making the same face!)

Me with my sweet grandma.
(Above: I know I already posted this picture, but its so priceless. Four Generations)

Here is our attempt at getting a picture of all the grand kids, oldest to youngest. Oldest me (Age 26) to youngest (Age 6)!

Cute Bibi making the big 'O'!

Nathan with Great Grandma

Owen with his "Tia Kika," He absolutely adored her! He keeps asking me when we are going to go see her again.

We were there over Father's Day (Poor Shad was alone!). So we went to go visit my Grandpa's grave site to bring him Father's Day flowers.

All the grand kids and great grand kids.

The boys with great grandma.

Did I mention how much Nathan got passed around?! Here he is with Aunt Lisa. So sweet.

My Grandma with her four children. My mom is the oldest (by 14 years!), next is Lisa, Junior, and then Anjelica (Aka Kika).

It was a very quick trip and certainly stressful at times. Traveling with the babies is hard work! But like I said, definitely worth it!

Friday we leave for Utah!!! Yay! Wish us luck and let's pray the boys do just as well on this trip!! (13 hour drive... YIKES!)


F said...

so fun! i didn't know your dad went with you - what a blessing! yikes, flying with babies... i'm glad it worked out - looks like a blast!

Kambria said...

WOW look at how big all of your cousins are now! I know them as kids running around. How fun. Beautiful photos.

Rosalie said...

I can see you had a lot of fun at your family get together Krista! It looks like Owen and Nathan cooperated fairly well...that is good...because now it is the trip to see us and, of course, I am excited! It was great and I am looking forward to pictures from that as well!!