Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Owen Says

Owen is just my little chatter box! And I love it! He just jibber jabbers to me all day! He has such an extensive vocabulary and has been speaking in full sentences for about a year now! I'm so used to it now, unless I'm around other two year olds, I forget how advanced Owen really is. He seriously talks all the time! I love having conversations with him. 

This week, I decided that I wanted to do a little "interview" with him. Here is the interview, and the answers as relayed to me: 

Whats your favorite song? Day of the Diesels (From the Thomas and Friends 'Day of the Diesels' movie)

Whats your favorite color? Green ... (And blue)

Whats your favorite thing to play? Trains!

What songs do you like to sing? Thomas and Friends, Oh Dear, Jesus Sunbeam, Clickin’ and a Clackin’, Day of Diesels, Book of Mormon Stories.

What do you like to eat? Green beans, popcorn, and soup.

How old are you? 2!

Whats your favorite animal at the zoo? Giraffe

Whats your favorite show? Little Einstein's, Mickey, Thomas.

Whats your favorite book? “Mickey Hears a Sound” & “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!”

Whats your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Play Trains!

Whats your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Go for a walk

Whats your favorite thing to with Grandma? Play on the iPad.

What your favorite thing to do with Grandpa? Play Big X’s on the computer.

Where is your favorite place to go? The Park

What makes you happy? The Sidewalk Chalk

What makes you sad? Lions

Who is your favorite Football team? BYU Cougars and BYU Football!

**Then he had to add this to the interview too!**
"And ‘Cars’ is my favorite video, Mommy!"

Haha... I love that interview. It cracks me up everytime I read it! 

Owen also has a lot of sayings that he says all the time, which I just wanted to record for future reference. Its just so cute! 

“I Love you, Mommy (or daddy, grandma, grandpa...etc) AT ALLl” This is his way of basically saying, I love you A LOT. So sweet, melts my heart everytime.

Me: What time is it?
Owen ALWAYS answers: “Its 8:46!”

Me: How much is it?
Owen ALWAYS answers; “Its 95 bucks!”

Me: Owen can you count to 5?
Owen: “One, two, for-the-three, four, five!” Every time he says 'three' it comes out "for-the-three."

He LOVES his grandpa, and everytime he walks into the room he shouts: “Hel-whoa Grandpa!” He also has to shout "Hel-whoa!" at every cashier we have at the store. Its so cute, because his L's come out as W's!

Everytime he says family prayer or dinner prayer he says: “That was a gooooood prayer!”

Whenever he hears a new word or wants to repeat a word he asks me: “Mommy, Can you say _____________?”

A while ago I got a defective box of Luvs diapers. So I decided to write them a letter, Owen overheard me say that I needed to write them a letter, so now every time he gets a pen and paper, he says “Can I write a letter (whetter) to Luvs (Whuvs)?!”

When Nathan starts to cry, Owen will say: “Nayfin… Calm Down!”

One of Owen’s favorite activities is to “Type BIG X’s” with Grandpa on the computer. Which means to type letters and spell words on the computer, really extra BIG!

Whenever there is football or really any sport on the TV he asks "Is this BYU football?" ... then he'll say "Go BYU!!! TOUCHDOWN!"

After he sings a song, he looks at everyone and expects a cheer. If we don't all participate, he will ask us to "Please clap and cheer!"

And his newest thing is to compare oppsites… like “Is this milk cold or warm?” or “Is that an Apple tree or a Plum tree?” or "Is this a dog or a pig?"

He’ll also ask questions like “Are we going to the store or not?” or “Are you going to read me the book or not!?” It’s so funny, and so amazing to watch him grow and learn.

And finally a few things about my Owen: 

I love that he still will snuggle on my bed with me when I read him books at night.

I love that he still lets me rock him to sleep at nap time.

I love that he absolutely LOVES when everyone is home together (Mom, Dad, Nathan, Grandma, and Grandpa).

I love how he attends to Nathan, and wants to be a good big brother.

I love that to show us he loves each of us, he will sing us a song to say it… “I love you Nayfin, oh yes I do, I love you Nayfin, its true. When I’m not with you I’m blue. Oh Nayfin I love you!” (Then sings that same song to each of us!)

I love that he can play trains all day everyday, endlessly.

I love how much he loves to sing songs ALL. DAY. LONG. :) (Especially Thomas songs, from his Thomas CD!)

I love that he still is a little Momma’s boy.

I love that he STILL loves letters and numbers.

I love that when he falls and gets hurt, he thinks a kiss from mommy can make it all better.

I love that, really, he is still just my little baby boy.


Kambria said...

This is such a precious interview. I think you should ask him who his favorite Tia is ;) lol

Love you guys

Rosalie said...

The pictures are adorable as usual! The memories from what he does and says at this age is just soooo precious! Thank you soooo soooo much for sharing! :}