Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodbye, Curls

I do have a good excuse as to why I've been so bad at blogging lately: It takes a little bit of explanation. Our laptop broke... which is where I do my usual blogging because it's mobile, so I was able to do blogging anywhere the kids were. And I mostly blogged during nap time. We do have a big wonderful imac that I LOVE, but Shad moved it into a very inconvenient spot, with no chair and in a place where one of the kids naps. So blogging just became scarce because I didn't have easy access. But I will have to do a catch up blog post about our awesome Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving. (Hopefully that will get done sometime before Christmas...Sheesh!)


Our little Nathan boy is growing up too fast. Right before my very eyes he is just becoming a little boy and less and less of my little baby. He has become so interactive and playful lately. He is at the perfect baby growing into toddler stage and we all just eat him up. Just over the last two (ish) weeks our little Nathan has learned to crawl like a pro, pull him self up on everything, cruise along the couch, wave goodbye, clap, dance (SO CUTE!), give high-fives, and is very responsive to words and people. He has learned how to play with big-boy toys like cars and trains. Its amazing to watch him grow and learn! 

Day 1 of Crawling... already into mischief! 

If there's food... he's happy! Stuck to his face and all...!! 

He absolutely ADORES his big brother, Owen. Nathan tries so hard to be just like him. He wants to play with his big-boy toys, follow him around, and play like him...Which Owen does NOT always appreciate! He loves to be chased when he crawls around. And when Shad and Owen are wrestling around on the floor Nathan is always DYING to be apart of the action and joins right in! 

On Sunday I gave Nathan a LOOOONG overdue haircut. His hair was out of control, more-so than normal, and it was getting long and a little ridiculous. So off went his adorable baby curls. *SNIFF* I was so sad to see them go! His little curls are his trademark. Absolutely everyone comments on them, and he has always had a lush, full head of baby curls. Now, with his ever growing motor skills and new haircut he seems more grown up then ever! He looks so much older, and is even more the spittin' image of big brother Owen! 

Look at that handsome big-boy haircut! 

Brothers, both with new haircuts... so much alike!

Climbing on things like a champ!

Nathan is so much like Shad. He not only looks exactly like Shad, but their personalities are so similar. Nathan is so chill. He is so quiet and east-going. (Complete opposite of Owen!) Owen will punch, kick, push over, poke, pull, scratch, etc at Nathan.... and he just takes it with a happy smile. 

There's that easy-going happy smile, that makes us all melt!

So with this I say... Goodbye, Baby Curls... and Goodbye, my little baby. 

Hello, Handsome Little Boy!

*Nathan will be 10 months on THURSDAY! Too Fast...*


Kelli Brewer said...

Okay, so if I'm being honest the first thing I thought was "Ugh, I can't stand long hair on boys but how cute! Look at those curls! Totally loving it!" and then I scrolled down to see you cut it and I was like :(

But I LOVE his big boy cut. He looks so handsome!!

I've already trimmed Brody's hair. His hair is thinning out so the random long pieces on top were driving me nuts. I saved the 5 little strands or whatever I cut LOL

Kambria said...

He looks so much older! Aw I love your boys. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas XO

Ben and Carrie said...

He looks adorable with curls, but my word, that boy is adorable without them too. He really is a gorgeous baby. Yes, he's still a baby. 10 months old does not qualify him to be done with baby-hood. But they do grow up too fast. And doing big boy things certainly makes them grow faster.

And hooray for easy going babies! I loved snuggling with him a few weeks ago at church. Hopefully he holds off on his "stranger danger" phase for a bit longer so I can play with him again! :)

Rosalie said...

The curls are adorable and so is the big boy cut.....Nathan is just adorable! I love both their little smiles and miss you all soooooo much! Thanks for sharing!

F said...

Oh my gosh i love him so much! He is such a big part of my being able to be okay with having a bay, i'm not kidding. Thanks for sharing his cuteness! Too too cute!

F said...

Annnnd by bay, i mean boy :)