Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas 2012

Yeah, I know this is a month late. But at least its going up! 

We had a pretty great Christmas. The boys were spoiled rotten. Shad and I loved every minute of buying gifts for them and planning it out. Its so fun to watch Owen understand more about Christmas and get excited. I can tell Christmas is just going to get better and better the older the boys get! How fun! 
Despite Shad being bed-ridden and sick both Christmas Eve and Christmas, the boys and I had a wonderful time. The perk to Shad being so sick was that he was able to spend pretty much the whole week home from work, either working from home or being sent home from work. (Yeah, it was THAT bad!) But even being sick, I'll take him being home and around, especially for the holidays. 

Christmas Eve is my favorite. As I mentioned briefly in the previous post, we always go to our dear friends, the Lomeli's house. They are family. And this year we got to have my best friend, Kambria, and her husband, Preston, for his first official Christmas with us! 

We start the evening with an early delicious dinner together. I stole many of these pictures from Kam's camera, so this is actually her plate of food. Mmm... 

The boys enjoying Christmas Eve dinner! 

After dinner, we take some family pictures, and then have a little Family Home Evening together  where we sing Christmas songs, and read the Christmas Story from Luke. 

After that we all share our talents with a mini-Talent show. We've done this for YEARS! It started when Kam and I were in 5th grade and started playing our instruments! (Harp and Violin!) My talent this year was showing off some of my pictures and photography on the ipad. My Mom's talent was the yummiest! 

Isaac is truly the most talented out of all us. He is an amazing singer and songwriter. Plus he has a pretty successful band down in Salt Lake (Red Yeti... check them out on iTunes!). Also Check out his skills here.

After talents, we then exchange gifts. Also fun. Owen LOVED his 3D Thomas & Friends book from Aunt Karen and Uncle Ben. 

Nathan bonded with this Uncle Isaac. They were very cute together! 

Before we all head home, we of course have to eat dessert! Yum! Here is Owen and Preston showing off their muscles after eating. Its hard to tell but Owen is "flexing" which is why he is slightly red in the face! Haha! 

After we arrive home we ever-so-quickly jump into our jammies so that we can open our own presents! This is also something we've always done: Open presents on Christmas Eve night. (But now Santa has to come Christmas Eve night, so we also get to open Santa Gifts on Christmas morning!) 
Owen was the designated present passer. He LOVED every second of it!

He was so excited to see his GIANT present pile grow. Look at those gifts pile up...Whoa!

I know this picture is REALLY blurry, but look at that face. Pure joy! 

Next comes the best part... Opening gifts! 

Owen was a very helpful big brother. He helped Nathan open all his gifts. 

He also helped Mommy and Daddy open their gifts too! 

And of course, he just HAD to help Grandpa open that Chocolate Space Needle he picked out. (Even though he spilled the beans earlier in the week!) 

But my Dad did get one special surprise from all of us... and we all managed to keep that one a secret! A brand new Nikon DSLR!

My Mom and I were also spoiled with matching Iphones (one white, one black!) on a family plan together. Lucky us! (Just when I thought we were going to keep it low-key since I really got a new house for Christmas! That sneaky Shad!)  :) 

Here is Shad helping Mom set hers up!

Poor Nathan didn't quiet make it to the end of the night festivities. He went to bed before we got to open all our gifts open. But we all soon followed so we could wake up and see what Santa brought us!

Santa brought Owen James and Dart (Thomas Trains) AND Tidmouth Sheds that he had so diligently asked him for. One. Happy. Boy. 

Nathan was most excited about his Sesame Street books... 

...And the awesome wrapping paper! Hehe

After we all opened presents and stockings and cleaned up a bit... Poor Shad went back to bed and slept the day away hoping to feel somewhat better by Christmas Dinner. Poor guy. I played ALL DAY long with the boys and all their cool new toys! And my parents worked, cooked, cleaned, and worked some more to prep a delicious Christmas dinner and party to a list of 20 guests! 

The medicine and sleep did the trick! Because Shad was on his feet by 5, just in time for the Christmas party and dinner! Dinner was awesome. We get to visit, relax, and chat with friends. 

And then play our annual "Trinkets or Treats" where hidden in gift bags are yummy Christmas treats or little Christmas gifts/trinkets! Owen loved helping open those too and pass them out! 

He also loved playing with his Uncle Ben! 

Then we all got to indulge in Delicious Dessert: Chocolate Fountain!! 

We partied late into the night, put the boys to bed, and helped clean up from the night's festivities. Another successful Christmas! Two, happy spoiled little boys. Yummy Dinner. Good Friends. Wonderful Family. And a beautiful Savior to be grateful for. We are so blessed. 

Unfortunately there will be no 'New Years Post' because by New Years we all got whatever nasty cold/flu Shad had. I spent New Years Eve trying to drive around and find an urgent or convenience care to see Owen who spiked a fever that day... no luck there. And so, we rang in the New Year with plenty of cough syrup, Ibuprofen, vapor rub, and tissue! Oh well... We did manage to have a yummy dinner of Cheese Fondue and Chocolate Fondue for dessert on New Years Day... So a semi-success! :)

Now... just a little bit more blog catch up! YAY! But alas, it may be awhile since we are currently moving into our NEW HOUSE this week! Whoo hoo!! Hopefully I don't get too behind again... 

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Rosalie said...

You had a wonderful Christmas from all that you have posted! I am so glad that you share all of this for me to enjoy! I am glad you are part of our family! Thank you for taking such good care of my son, Shad and the grandchildren! Love Mom McOmber