Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nathan- One Year Later...

One year ago today my sweet little baby Nathan came into the world! He joined our family, and just fit right into place! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how much he has changed and grown throughout the year. I can't believe how much our family has changed and grown with him! He is such a sweet and precious addition to our family, and I don't think I could love him any more than I already do! 

Nathan Samuli McOmber Born 1/29/12 at 7:55 AM! 

Sweet Nathan One Year Later (taken just this morning!)...

At One Year Nathan...

-Give Hugs and Kisses
-Blow Kisses
-Give High Fives
-Say Momma, Dada, Car (Occationally), Ba! (Meaning 'All Gone!'), and will mimic some sounds and animal sounds
-Blows Raspberries
-Can crawl like a Champ!
-Get into plenty of Mischief!
-Walk with a walker (He is getting SO close to those first steps!)
-Feed himself
-Eat, Eat, Eat!
-Play with Cars/Trucks/Trains
-Pull himself up
-Cruise along furniture and walls
-Stand for a few seconds at a time
-Understand commands: No, Stop, Shake, Up...etc.

-To Snuggle
-His Daddy and Grandpa
-Big Brother Owen... LOVES HIM!
-To Wrestle with Owen
-To EAT!!
-Baths/Being Naked!
-Showers with Daddy
-Stuffed Animals... especially his Monkey!!
-To Dance
-Crayons, he loves them for some reason. He is now beginning to understand what they do too!
-Anything Owen has
-To pull things off of shelves, out of boxes or bags, cupboards, drawers, etc.
-To be carried around the house

Does Not Like:
-Being Left Alone
-Getting a Diaper Change
-Getting Dressed
-If Someone Eats in Front of Him
-When Daddy leaves for Work

Dear Nathan,

Just one short year ago you came into this crazy family! I was so afraid that I wouldn't have enough love to give you and I wouldn't be an adequate mother to 2 beautiful, perfect little boys. However, the moment you arrived you completely captured my heart! My heart exploded with endless love for you, and I knew that you came at the right time to the right family. Looking back, I can't believe its been a year; however, I can't seem to imagine what life was without you! You fit in so perfectly!

Everyone who knows you, adores you. How could they not?! You are just so sweet. You love to smile and charm your way into peoples hearts. You hardly are ever grumpy. You hardly ever cry. And you always seem to be in a permanent good mood. You are very easy going. Even just recently when we were all so sick, you handled it like a champ! Probably better then any one of us! You still kept a smile on your face.

You. Love. Food. Oh my goodness, you are a champion eater! In fact, some of the few times you do scream and cry is when you see food and you are not partaking! If someone around you has food you IMMEDIATELY drop everything you are doing and speed to their side. Its hilarious. You are not picky... yet. I think you are at your happiest when eating! You will eat anything, and love everything. And I love that about you!

You and are your brother already have a special relationship. You already fight like brothers! It can be a little crazy, for sure! But you also play and laugh together as brothers. Owen tries very hard to take care of you, make sure you have everything you need, and also tries to make sure you stay out of mischief! He takes his role as big brother very seriously. And you adore him. He is probably your favorite person in the world. You want to do everything he is doing, and all you want from him is just a little attention and love. You love to hug and give him kisses. And you absolutely LOVE it when he will wrestle with and play a little rough with you. I hope that you two will always remain close, and be good buddies. There is nothing quite like a brother relationship out there. You are very lucky to have each other. I think Owen will always look out for you.

You definitely love Mommy and Daddy. You can be a bit of a Momma's Boy, but if Daddy is home, you are all over him. You follow him around the house, and love to have him hold you, snuggle you, and carry you around. You take advantage of the time you get to spend with him during the week. Its very sweet. You also have a very special spot in your heart for Grandpa. You two are at the beginnings of a very special relationship. He is your buddy, and you can play with him for hours on end.

At one year, you are adventurous! Complete opposite of your brother! Owen was more content just hanging around his toys and people. You are on the verge of walking, and you keep me B-U-S-Y!! I am constantly having to chase you around the house, and keep you from pulling things out of cupboards, drawers, laundry baskets, and the diaper bag. You climb all over the TV, and sneak into the plants and get dirt everywhere! I now understand the whole concept of "baby proofing" because of you! You are always on the move. You are really good at finding microscopic pieces of things on the floor and eating them! You climb the stairs and loved to be chased around the house. You are a little mischievous!

You are still pretty quiet. You have just started to baby babble a little bit. You can say a few words, but mostly if you want to communicate you let out loud screams to get our attention. Also, something that is very different from your brother. He was much more talkative early. But you also show your love in very sweet ways. You love to snuggle, and you give the BEST hugs. You blow kisses and give kisses. You reach your arms out when you want something or someone and wave your little hand... and thats how we know what you what! Its very effective, and very cute.

I am honored that I was chosen to be your mother. Most days I feel inadequate in the role of motherhood. I am undeserving of the unconditional love you give me. And I am working everyday to be better. I hope that you can forgive my imperfections and shortcomings. I am forever grateful that we are sealed together as a family for eternity, and I can call you my son. I am truly blessed. I am not sure I could ever fully express to the extent of how much I love you. But it has given me great perspective on how our Heavenly Father loves us.

I am one lucky Momma!

And I love you,

I know this picture is blurry... but it was just too cute. Nathan tries so hard to be like Big Brother! 

 We love you, Nathan! Happy 1st Birthday!

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Rosalie said...

What a special post about Nathan and his first year! You are sweet to write him a letter of your feelings to be his Mom. I am sure he will treasure it when he gets older.