Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Girl's Shower

A couple of weekends ago my sweet mother went ALL OUT and threw me and my sweet baby girl a shower. I mean, she did not leave any detail unturned. It was amazing. 

I was very resistant to having a shower because first of all I just had a baby... and had PLENTY of baby showers with the boys. And I didn't want to seem gift grabby, tacky, and wanting attention... but after some convincing from many friends and my mom... I conceded. And I must say I'm so glad I did! Baby Girl was completely spoiled rotten with gifts and she is set. I am very lucky to have such sweet family and friends willing to come to my shower and spoil us. So blessed. 

Unfortunately I got too wrapped up in the gifts, guests, food and fun to take any pictures during the shower. Dang. But I got some pictures of the before shots. 

I didn't even mind that it was PINK overload! :) 

The dessert spread. Mmmm.... 

 The cute favor boxes made to look like cake.

 The AWESOME diaper cake. I still haven't brought myself to take it down. Its just so cute! 

 Those "Cupcakes" are made out of onesies! So fun!

Diaper wreath... Did I mention my mom went CRAZY!? 

The yummy food spread. 

 Owen enjoyed the decorations and the "after party" to indulge in leftovers! He went around the house calling himself the 'Balloon Monster.' Love this little boy! He is very excited to meet Baby Sister.  

And finally... This is me in all my 38 week glory. H.U.G.E. And so very ready for her to get here! Every morning I pray that this is the day I go into labor. **Sigh** I am dilated to a 3 and contracting ALL the time. She is such a tease! Although, after my last Doc's Appointment I just conceded to the fact that it will probably be another couple weeks... And I just need to enjoy my time with my two sweet little boys. I can't believe Nathan isn't going to be my baby anymore!!!  

Come soon, little one! We are ready to meet you! Now... all we need is your name!!! ;) (Suggestions welcome!) 


Tara said...

Alyssa and Natalie=best girl names. But since you already have a Natalie in your family, Alyssa it must be. It's feminine, soft and just plain perfect. :)

I'm so sorry that I missed your shower. It really does look like it was wonderful. I'm not at all surprised that your mom went all out. She's amazing like that.

Marilyn said...

What a fun shower! You know some people with a lot of talent :)
You look so amazing as usual! I can't wait for you and to see that little girl of yours! Good luck.

Kirsten said...

I really want to know how to make the onsie cupcakes! Im sure it isn't hard....but so cute!!! I want to do it! lol SOOO glad she is here!! Cant wait to see TONS of pictures :) love you!!

Kambria said...

Aw I am just now reading this post and everything was SO perfect :) My favorite is the shot of Owen in the balloons lol Love him