Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Sweets & Treats

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! It was perfect. The weather cooperated was gorgeous out! And the boys were so cute with all the Easter fun. I love these kind of Holidays with the kiddos.

I'm not a huge fan of neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts, especially for this young age. When the kiddos are so little I think a backyard hunt is just perfect! 
We started our Easter weekend with an Easter Egg Hunt at my parents. I filled a fair few eggs for the boys and set them loose. My mom also hid some special surprises in the yard as well. It was a hit! 

Our attempts to get a before shot. The sun was bright!

Nathan was adorable! He got the concept much better than Owen did at his age. 

Finding special surprises from Grandma and Grandpa! 

Owen was a pro! 

Nathan had a little help from Grandma. 

"Can I put a pinecone in my basket?"

Look at that haul! 

The best after picture we could get! 

And... our attempt at a family photo! HA!

After a fun hunt, and a yummy BBQ (Did I mention the weather was PERFECT!?) we headed home for naps. 

While Nathan napped a little bit longer, we decided to bust out the hard boiled eggs and get to dying! Oh man, this was a HUGE hit!! Owen loved, loved, loved it! So cute. 

Look at that concentration: 

Look at those beauties! Owen did great at being patient and waiting for them to color. 

Owen faces... 

He loved them. He even gave them kisses! 

The final product! Silly, handsome boys!

On Easter Sunday we dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church. The boys wore matching shirts, and I didn't get any pictures of all of us. With church being so early, getting us all dressed and ready for church is totally chaotic! 
Even my attempts at pictures of the boys are not so good... What's with those faces?! 

Finally a smile... Annnnnd, its blurry! Dang. 

After church Shad took the boys to the park and for a quick walk. (While the Easter Bunny left his surprises). When they came home from the park, the Easter Bunny had left them a special surprise! Up to their room they raced... find a note the Easter Bunny had left. Leaving them special clues to find their Easter baskets! Owen squealed with delight "We're going on a Easter Hunt!"

The first clue led them to Mommy and Daddy's closet... 

The second to the bath... 

The third to the pantry... 

The fourth to baby sister's room... 

I love this picture. Nathan is like 'No, not another clue!?'

The fifth clue led them to the TV... 

And FINALLY in the garage in Mommy and Daddy's red car were thier special surprises and easter baskets. (Although Owen would have been happier with another clue... he absolutely loved the scavenger hunt!) 

We brought them in and they discovered what was inside: Matching PJs, Playdoh, a book for Nathan, trains for Owen, new shirts for Owen, and lots of sweets and TREATS for both! Yummm... 

After an exciting day and playing with the new surprises we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for a yummy Easter dinner together. 

It was a pretty special weekend together. We tried to teach Owen about Jesus and his resurrection, but it still was a little hard for him to understand. But he did express his love for Jesus in his prayer and I knew that he does have a sweet testimony of the gospel. 

I am so grateful for my Savior and the beautiful sacrifice he made for me. And I'm grateful for daily reminders of his love for me and my little family. 

Happy Easter!

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