Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

2013 was a big year for us McOmbers! And I'm still in complete shock it is over, how is it that time speeds up...?! 

2013 was certainly going to bring big things from the get go. We were scheduled to close on our first home purchase in January. And due to welcome our sweet baby girl in May. 2013 was certainly our most expensive year to date! Buying a house is no joke! Along with our first new home we had to purchase a fridge, washer and dryer, and a new King bed (Our FIRST bed purchase in our marriage!-- Yup, We were still using my old bed from high school! Ha!) to go inside it. In addition, we also had to upgrade our car situation to a sweet Mini Van with the addition of our sweet baby girl. Speaking of that sweet baby girl... that's another HUGE expense to add to the long list! ;) Here's to hoping 2014 is much easier on our pocketbooks and bank account. 2014: the year of saving! Maybe 2014 will bring a fun vacation for Shad and I instead!? :)

Owen (Age 3):
Owen continues to amaze us everyday. It just doesn't feel right saying he is only 3 because he speaks, acts, talks, and is learning things like a 5 year old. He will be 4 in just about 6 weeks, and has been eagerly awaiting his big birthday. Owen learned all about his states this year. He knows them all by name, shape, and each state flag. He can locate them all on a map, on just a blank outline of the U.S. No joke. He also has upgraded from letters and spelling (that was SO last year!) to numbers, counting and math! He is my little math whizz! He can count to 100 by himself. He actually counted to 200 the other day. So he's pretty solid on counting. And his current obsession is math. ALL. DAY. LONG. He continually asks me Whats _____+_____=?? He can pretty much add on a first or second grade level. He knows double digits too. Like 60+60, and 30+40, and 99+12...etc. Its just how he plays... he plays by learning. Its seriously all he wants to do. With a few trains thrown in there! Meaning, yes, the Thomas obsession is still going strong! He loves trains, legos, puzzles, and games. And he will probably start preschool sometime this year. Owen is a very kind, intelligent, observant, dramatic, thoughtful, and stubborn little boy. We love him to pieces!

Nathan (23 Mo.):
This was a big year for our Nathan-Man. He turned one in January, and is already closing in on becoming my big two year old! He took his first steps in February and was walking like a pro by March. He's upgraded from a high chair and silly baby food to regular food quicker than Owen ever did and sitting at the table like brother. He is still my best eater and I LOVE it! He talks like a pro, too! Big Brother, Owen, has had a huge effect on him. Nathan can speak in clear complete sentences, ask questions, and sing songs. I've never had any communication issues with either boys. Whoop! He can recognize almost all of his letters and is also doing well with numbers too. He pretty much copies every single thing Owen does. I mean, everything. He wants to play, talk, run, jump, dance, sing, eat, draw, sleep...etc...just like Owen. It's pretty dang cute. And luckily he has such a good example to follow, he'll be adding, counting, spelling, and talking like a pro soon! He was also just upgraded to a big boy bed last month, and has never looked back! He loves his big boy bed, just another step in being like brother! Nathan loves planes/helicopters, cars, trains, legos, toy vacuums (yup, you read that right, vacuums!), and coloring. Nathan is a very sweet, gentle, caring, loud, mischievous, happy-go-lucky, and silly boy. We adore this little goober!

Kaisa (7 Mo.):
Our sweet Kaisa. She is just my angel baby. This was a big year for her, considering she was born on May 5th. We all instantly fell in love. Even her brothers. Neither have had any jealousy issues with her. (They are mainly competitive with each other!) Kaisa is just a sweet, little, lovable girl. Her little personality is coming out strong. She is our social little bug. She loves being held and attention from others, especially big brothers. She can sit and play contently for a long, long time on the floor with her toys. Especially if brothers are swirling around her. She loves to reach for things and play with new toys. She has started to babble a bit, and I swear I caught her a few times saying "Mama!" Which reminds me, that girl is one happy Momma's Girl! And I love it! I got to take it all now, before she switches to a big Daddy's Girl! She loves hugs and gives the best baby hugs around. She also loves food. She has been great about eating solids and is always very interested in what everyone else is eating too. This girl still wants to be swaddled at night, and still wants to sleep in her baby sling... NOT her crib! (Dang it!) Her New Year's Resolution will be to sleep through the night in her crib! She isn't terribly close to crawling yet. But she can scoot all across the floor on her bum. But I'm fine with her staying immobile for awhile, her brothers keep me busy enough! Its just not fair how quickly the baby stage goes. She is continually growing and changing. And if possible, getting cuter by the second! Its going WAY too fast, and Shad and I don't like it one bit! She is our tiny little peanut, and oh so loved.

Shad (Age 31):
Shad completed his first year in his 30s... and hasn't looked back. 30 has been good to him. He continues to work very hard as an attorney in Tacoma. Its long hours, and stressful work. But overall, he enjoys his job, his coworkers, and the atmosphere. He is thriving, and fits in well there. We are continually grateful for his job, and the support it provides our family. Shad is the ever sports fan and continues to support our beloved BYU cougars through thick and thin! Die Hard, my friends. As a bonus he is happy to cheer on the Seahawks which are doing awesome, and can always put this sports fan in a good mood! He loves to play with the boys and wrestle. And the boys adore Daddy. Nathan is such a Daddy's boy and follows him constantly around the house. They are best buds. We all love the days when Daddy gets to stay home! Shad also has started working on some house projects, and our resolution is get the back yard finished this year!

Krista (Age 28):
What's left to say!? These four people above are my life. I live, eat, breath, and sleep kids. My life went crazy once I had three! Its crazy, but I certainly wouldn't have it any other way. I feel pretty well adjusted to 3, but still am cautious to leave the house with all 3 or be alone at bedtime! Someone is always napping or eating so days can be long indoors. But I enjoy being home with them and watching them learn and grow. And I know that this time is short lived and soon they will quickly grow and be onto a new stage. Plus I am lucky enough to have my parents here close, and Super-Grandma just down the street! That's how I stay sane! ;) I enjoy keeping up my house and searching for new projects. I have made some bigger strides in photography. I have purchased new editing software and have take a few photo sessions these last few months. And I am eager to pursue this hobby and further develop my talent.

2013 was wonderful. Bring it on, 2014! :) 

 Happy New Year! 

The McOmbers


Kambria said...

Love this :) what a great year! Here's to 2014!

Rosalie said...

Precious! Precious!!! 2013 was good to all of you!! Thank you for the update!!! Love and miss all of you so much! Have a wonderful 2014!!! May the Lord continue to bless you all!

Courtney said...

Love it! Love you guys! 2014 WILL prove to be awesome because the Brooksbys are comin' to town! (Hopefully! Cross your fingers for us.)