Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo Friday

This week was just too good! There were too many good/fun moments and I couldn't pick just one picture this week. It must be this time of the year!! So... Here is our week in iPhone pictures!! 

On Saturday morning we took the kids to go meet Santa. Owen was more excited than he looks here and Nathan cried. Kaisa did surprisingly well! But this was the best shot of all of us. 

Nathan eventually warmed up and was happy to give him a hug before we left. I think mainly because Owen was so willing to get cozy with Santa. 

Kaisa experienced her first time sitting like a big girl in a cart! The carts at Hobby Lobby are so small, just this little pipsqueak's size! 

Nathan is really into hats. He found this Santa hat the other day and was happy to wear it all morning. 

Kaisa has now mastered sitting up on her own. She can sit for a long, long time just playing with her "baby toys" as the boys call them keeping herself entertained. Such a sweet girl! 

We woke up to a light skiff of snow a few days ago. It was hardly anything, but the boys were excited. So we made snowflakes to hang up in the window. Oh man, did they LOVE it! I absolutely love Owen's snowflakes he made, he was so proud! 

Later that same night, Owen put together this "computer" to play on. I love how creative he is! His 'keyboard' has all the whole alphabet! 

I think 'Selfies' are so dumb. But if you add an adorable little baby to the mix, they can be pretty cute! 

Again, with Nathan. Both the boys are really into 'snuggling!' (Or 'nuggle' as Nathan calls it.) Ummm... Yes, please! I love it and will soak it all up!! 

Fort building happens almost daily in the McOmber home, and so does playing Uno Moo in the fort. 

Kaisa is growing so fast. Eating bottles all by herself! Here the little stinker got too lazy to hold it herself! Ha! 

So there's a peek into us right now. A small peek into my life as a mom of three of the cutest kiddos around! And really could you have picked just one pictures either...!? 

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Rosalie said...

They are soooo adorable! I love, love all of them!!! No, I could not have picked just one. Loved the snowflakes, Uno Moo/Tent, cute one of Kaisa and the bottle, in the shopping cart, etc. etc.
Thanks for sharing for my enjoyment!!