Friday, May 23, 2014

Photo Friday Make Up

I've been seriously slacking in my Photo Fridays. And I do love it... So here are a few pictures over the last month or so that would've certainly made the cut. 

A few sweet moments that make up my beautiful life! 

Is it crazy that she actually LIKES being held by Owen?! 

Owen set up all the chairs like this by himself and then asked Nathan to stand there for a picture. This was the 'great' result according to Owen. He then asked me to text it to Daddy. Haha! 

This little boy loves helping Daddy in the backyard. And is a great help! He is such a Daddy's boy. 

Sweet spaghetti girl!

Story time with Grandma...she's the BEST! 

Two excited boys for a Mariners Game!!! 

King Owen dressed for preschool King and Queens Day. Complete with sword Daddy made! 

My view in the morning when I open my eyes. It's early and it's a hard job...but I love waking up to these sweet faces. Owen is such a sweet loving big brother to his baby sister. 

This kid! Cracks me up. He loves to wear hats, capes, gloves, glasses all around the house. Love, love, love him! 

Grandma and grandpa are re-doing their yard...and the landscapers brought in an excavator!! Grandpa called us over so the boys could watch. They loved it! 

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