Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday and Pumpkins!

A week ago, last Thursday 10/16, it was Shad's 26th Birthday!!! Yay!! He's such a big boy now, going to law school and everything. I'm so proud of him. He works really hard at school, and being a good husband to me. I really wanted to get him something fancy for his birthday, like an ipod (Because he ruined his about a month ago in a lake!) But we are totally too broke for that kind of thing...So I got him a sweater, that he is wearing the picture above, because he NEVER wears green, and I think he looks studly in it. And Sword in the Stone came out on DVD, which is his favorite Disney, so he got that for his birthday as well. Then on Saturday we had our new ward friends come over and eat Shad's favorite delicious homemade pumpkin pie (which I made myself!) and play some wicked guitar hero! Good times. 

Then last night, we carved our pumpkins! Last year I made a cat pumpkin, which I think turned out really good. So I did it again this year. And Shad and I were just going to make a normal happy face  jack-o-lantern, but his eye fell out!!! So Shad saved it and made him into a pirate pumpkin!!! We figure they are one of kind!

Here's Shad saving the pirate, because I broke off his eye!

The Final Product!!!
Happy Halloween!


Rachel said...

You guys are super cute. I like the cat pumpkin. I love carving pumpkins!

the S family said...

I am glad Shad is a big boy now! I love the sweater and movie, and Chad is jealous about the pumpkin pie! That is his favorite too! I LOVE your pumpkins. You guys have amazing carving abilities. You could win a gold medal for sure. Your cat looks awesome and I am very impressed with the pirate saving technique!

Chelsea said...

Happy bday Shad! I LOVE your pumpkins. Those are completely AWESOME! VERY impressive!

Shauna said...

Your pumpkins look so good! I wish we were that talented... Last year ours was AWFUL! But hopefully we'll do better this year. We just bought our pumpkin last night and are carving it tonight or tomorrow.

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Every time I look at your blog I miss you guys. I hope Shad had a good birthday and that you guys didn't watch the entire BYU game. On my pumpkin I drew a ghost saying BOO TCU.

Heather and Parley said...

wow you are talented! Those are some sweet pumpkins. Of course the sweater would be green! :) I bought sword and the stone with my birthday money! Such a classic!