Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fun

This past Saturday, aside from watching football all day, Shad and I, along with our friends Jay and Courtney, decided to go to a fall festival, to celebrate the new fall season. And enjoy the fun activities. We drove about a half hour to Greenbluff, where they have about a million farms, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards. We stopped by first at "Apple Fest," were they had lots of good smelling food (like Funnel Cake and donuts!) and apple cider. Also they had pumpkins, and TONS of apple orchards! But we were first and foremost wanting to find a corn maze! So we left Apple Fest, and ventured to find the corn maze at a different farm location, where they also had tons of food, crafts, pumpkins, an train rides. However, being the poor students that we are, we just did the corn maze, and split an Elephant Ear! At first glance I thought the corn maze was going to be lame, but it proved to be much harder than it appeared. But here are some fun pictures of the corn maze...  

Our Destination: The Castle

The Castle is in sight.

'Oh No! Can we find it...??'
'We made it to the top!'


Brad and Kjirstin said...

You make me want to go and do a corn maze, we do live in Americas dairy land so they should have some corn right?? We will have to check it out. I also want to say that the picture of Shad on top of the castle is a classic Shad pose. And for the record Brad and I were also wearing our Fully Invested shirts on Saturday too.

Jason and Shalise Staples said...

I LOVE fall. Your corn maze makes me a little jelous. There is not a single corn maze in our county.

the S family said...

I haven't been to a corn maze forever, needless to say there aren't any in texas, at least not around us! It looks like so much fun!