Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break... A Wedding... and a Whole Lot of Driving!

 Shad had Spring Break a couple of weeks ago, so I decided that I also wanted to take it off from work to be with him. We don't get a whole 10 days together that often! So we left on Saturday morning and spent a couple days in Idaho Falls with my AWESOME friend Kasey. And then we decided that we just wanted to go down to Utah to hang out with family and see our newest nephew Konner. We really didn't have much of a plan when we got there, so it was just a lot of calling up old roommates, friends, and family to play. As well as gorging out on all our favorite places to eat including: Rumbi, Burger Supreme, Kneaders, Smoke House, and Brick Oven! Mmm... It was a fun week to relax. Probably the least stressful vacation we had, just chilled around Provo. However, we drove back on Saturday caught up on school work and work... and then DROVE BACK DOWN on Friday night to be there for Shad's sister, Heather, wedding! It was INSANE! We got there Saturday morning at 3 AM... had the wedding on Saturday March 21st, and then drove back Sunday night... hit a massive snow storm in Montana and made it back by 4 AM on Monday. And hit school and work the next day. It was crazy, but I think that we will both admit it was a great time and totally worth seeing Heather get sealed to her new husband and kids. But we are definitely NOT driving back down to Utah anytime soon.  So I went a little photo CRAZY as the "unofficial" photographer at Heather's wedding, so beware I am posting A LOT for family to see and this is the first time I really got to utilize my new D60 and computer together! YAY! Plus there are TONS TONS more that turned out well.

Shad with our Nephew Devin...he loves his Uncle Shad!
Our newest little guy... Konner!
With his Aunt Jessica, so cute!
It snowed the first couple days, so we went and took some pics at the Provo Temple.

New Eternal Family!!
The nieces, so CUTE!

Introducing... Heather and Trak Johnson
Happy Day!
Little Natalie Princess


Just totally adorable, Bella with Daddy
This picture just totally cracks me up... Heather and Trak in thier own World, with those CRAZY McOmbers in the background.
The studly hubby

Wendy and Bella
The cake, this was bought and put together the DAY OF the wedding thank you very much! Ha!

Congrats Heather and Trak!! We love you!


Kirsten said...

beautiful pictures, as always. I can't wait to see you IN ONE MONTH--AT MY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I'm SO excited!!! I'm already getting butterflies :D and that's only because of you, baby ha ha

Megan said...

You were in IDAHO FALLS and you didn't tell me?!!!!!!

Doug and Marilyn said...

Great pictures. LOVE the cakes. I'm really impressed. YOu should start a cake/photo business!

PS. The word I have to type for the word verification is: "BUTSHED" I think I need one of those. haha

heisskalt said...

Woozers - The cake looked gorgeous - and it fit in so well! Thank you soooooooo much sister of mine :) You are wonderful :) Good pic too!

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Wow I wish you could come back and take pictures at our wedding! I miss you guys so much we had story telling day today and we told the story of summer of utah. Makes me wish it was warm here so that we could go do stuff again.

the S family said...

I love these pics! Thank you for posting them!!! Your new background in cute too! Sorry it was such a pain with the drive and everything, but we are sure glad you guys could come down! And you did such a great job on that cake, way better than I could have done! Thanks for your super great help! and I love the pic of the girls with bella, how cute!

Anonymous said...

The kids are all so cute. How fun. LOVE the black dress you wore. ;)