Monday, May 31, 2010

Hiking at Riverside Park

Shad and I have had a great Memorial Day weekend. It has been so great having Shad home more, now that school is out for the summer. Weekends feel more like weekends, and when he comes home from work in the evenings/afternoons he doesn't have homework! It seems like it will be a good summer. Owen and I are enjoying his company while it lasts.
Since Owen is SOOO cute, and has totally captured the hearts of his grandparents... my parents couldn't help themselves, but to come over and visit him (and us!) this weekend. They just left this morning, but not after spending quality time with all of us. They arrived Saturday afternoon and we went out to lunch in Coeur d'Alene at Texas Roadhouse, it was delicious! Mmmm. Then my parents offered to babysit and give Shad and I a chance to get out of the house together. So we went and saw 'Prince of Persia.' I must admit I was a little skeptical, but it was actually very, very good. I'm surprised at how much I liked it. And it was nice to have an evening just the two of us, since that doesn't happen too often these days.
Then Sunday after church we packed up a delicious picnic, and headed over to Riverside Park, which is a favorite of ours. I can't believe it took us this long to bring my parents to Riverside Park, because I LOVE it. And no surprise, so did they! It was pretty good weather, really the only nice day this whole weekend, because it has been so rainy here. We were able to eat a great picnic lunch together, take TONS of pictures, and video, and bring Owen along for his first official hike!!! It was so much fun. My dad really enjoyed the scenery, and has declared it one of his favorite state parks ever! After the park, we headed over to downtown and took a quick peek at the Spokane Falls, they are always so big and raging this time of year.
It was sad to see them go this morning, but I'm pretty sure that we'll see them again soon. They cannot get enough of their perfect grandson!

Like I said... TONS of pictures:

Love this pictures! "'s a little windy!!"

Family Photo Op:

My cute Boys:

Everyone took a turn carrying Owen around, he loved it:

Everything was so green and pretty:

They love him:

Owen enjoyed just hanging out, enjoying the scenery:

All of us from Riverside Park! (Owen slept briefly)

Cute grandparents:

Owen's First Hike!!

Owen LOVES his grandparents!!

Silly statue picture (a little family tradition):


Courtney said...

We love Riverside Park, too! It's such a pretty place. It sounds like a really fun weekend. Owen is so lucky to get to see his grandparents so much!

Kirsten said...

is it just me, or does Owen look just like your dad????! And i saw Prince of Persia on Friday...loved it :)

Anonymous said...

1 - Owen is getting tall!!
2 - Your parents are so cute I miss them.
3 - Glad to see the classic pose in front of the statue is still happening.

Debbie Cannon said...

Loved the beautiful photos! Your parents look so young. Whatever they are doing, it is working! You are living in such a beautiful area. Being here in the desert, and seeing all that, makes me very jealous!