Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good friends, Good Boise!

This last weekend, Shad and I took a sort of last minute trip to Boise! He will be starting school soon (on Monday!) and this was a nice way to bookend the summer. However, this trip was not all fun and games, the main purpose was strictly business! Shad has started applying for jobs for next year when he FINALLY graduates school (whoo hoo!!!). He has expressed a big interest in doing a judicial clerkship for a year or two before landing a "real" job. A clerkship is usually a year long position where Shad will assist a judge and gain very in-depth experience on how courts and cases work. It would be well paid, and is highly coveted experience for big companies when he finally lands a 'big boy' job. It took me a long time to be sold on this idea, because I am SO ready to settle down and not move around. I'm ready for something non-temporary and to start saving for a house, etc. However, Shad has told me that this will really build up his resume and career... so I'm willing to go anywhere for a year. Its just a year... right? That being said, Shad had an INTERVIEW in Boise this last weekend! Whoo hoo!! Its so exciting because its our first step in landing something after graduation. Shad, being the smarty pants that his is, has really good credentials and I'd say a pretty good chance of getting this position. Well see... He will find out before Labor Day! We are not particularly excited about moving to Boise, or anywhere in Idaho. But we'll make that decision when it comes, IF he gets the job. Shad and I have both agreed that one way or another we are going to end up in the Seattle/Tacoma area! :)

At first I didn't really want to take a 7 hour road trip to Boise, but after I thought about it seemed like a fun trip to take together, and a nice last hurrah before school. Plus our dear friends recently moved down there, who we miss terribly, so we got to spend a whole weekend with them! And they were wonderful hosts and allowed us to crash their house. We had such a fun time with them; and seeing them and little bit of the city made the prospect of moving to Boise not such a bad idea after all...

I got to see my old roommate, and good friend Annette! Our boys are about the same age! (and pretty cute!)

She, of course, has two other adorable little girls!

These two love birds were celebrating their anniversary! And they let us stay with them all weekend. What awesome friends!

They took us to this beautiful/green park:

We also got to see the capitol building... very cool!

Their prefect little angel baby! Seriously, she was a dream!

Allie provided us with lots of entertainment!

Allie and Owen became quick buds!

Plus I got to see my wonderful friend Becca! We were BEST friends and neighbors in elementary school. Lucky for me we still keep in touch! (this picture is froma couple years ago, but you get the idea!)


Doug and Marilyn said...

That was the best!! love the post, love you guys and miss you!! You're welcome anytime :)

Annette Larsen said...

I'm so glad I was able to see you guys! It was awesome catching up and being able to meet Shad and Owen.

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Good luck with the clerkship!! Either way you are done before we are.

Anonymous said...

Aw fun I didn't know you got to see Becca :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes I can see her littlecunt right through her sexy pink undies love to get her alone for awhile