Friday, August 6, 2010

Behold, the Six Month Old!


How the heck are you six months old already?!?! I cannot believe how much you are changing and growing. These last six months have flown by! In another few months you will already be a year old... What?!?! Everyday you are learning something new and discovering the world around you. Your father and I enjoy every minute of watching you explore and grow.

So many things have changed in the last three months! You are growing so fast! You are now able to do all the little baby things, like suck on your toes and toys. You love to eat baby food, and are always interested in whatever mommy and daddy is eating. You are constantly cracking up at anything and everything. You find so many things so funny! Just right now you are sitting next to me babbling and laughing! Your personality is starting to come out, and its so fun to watch you become a little man.

Things you like:

- Sucking on your toes and fingers

- Morning naps with Momma

- Being naked

- Bath time

- Smiling and giggling

- Your Bouncer/ kicking your legs

- Babbling

- Snuggling

- Sleeping with mom and dad

- Books

- Eating/Baby food

- Whatever Mommy or Daddy is holding or playing with

- Singing!

Things you dislike:

- Tummy Time

- Sleeping in your crib

- Loud Noises/ People sneezing!

- Strangers

- Car Seat

Overall, you are a good natured little boy. You are truly a happy baby, who just loves attention from mom and dad. I get stopped all the time when we out by strangers who just have to tell me how adorable you are. They just love to smile and play with you. Sometimes you will give them your charming smile back, however, most of the time strangers scare you! You do love to socialize and play with other babies, your little friends can always make you smile and laugh.

Your father adores you. You two already have a very special relationship. He can always make you laugh by ticking you or giving you raspberries! He loves to throw you up in the air, and get huge smiles out of you. He always takes time to spend with you everyday, whether its taking you for a walk, playing with you, or taking naps with you.

Your father and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. We are very proud parents, and eat up every moment we get to spend with you. Everything you do is cute. Your cuteness resonates so much sometimes, I can hardly stand it! I am so lucky that I get to spend every day with you, and I can call myself a stay at home momma! We love you so much, and feel extremely blessed to be your parents. Heavenly Father blessed us so much when he sent you here, you are such a joy.



These cute PJs were sent to him from my family in Finland. So we had a little photo shoot with them:

This is about six months late, but I finally put up the finishing touches on Owen's room!

I got this cute 'Baby Boy' sign from a friend for my baby shower:

Of course Herman, the Giraffe, and the 'Y' flag are also well represented. It really doesn't have a "theme" per say, most of his things are jungle animals... so its "BYU jungle!!" :)

Its a little cluttered, but we work with what we have in an apartment!


Joel & Megan said...

I can't believe Owen is 6 months either. Time just FLIES BY!!! I can't believe. Owen is so cute. I love the pictures you put up of him. He is just adorable!!! :)

Whitney and Nathan said...

Wow, I can't believe it! Time flies! He is so cute, he always looks so excited and happy!

I love the nursery too. We totally understand the "clutter" in an apartment. It's crazy how much stuff a baby can have, even when you are purposely not getting very much! I don't think it looks cluttered at all though, it looks so fun and cute! Good job!

Debbie Cannon said...

Loved reading your blog. I know your son is well loved! Also enjoyed the tour of your nursery. I also can not believe Owen is already six months old. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow his room looks great!! Or course when I saw it my air mattress was filling it up haha. It's adorable! Great job.

Rosalie said...

Love the room. It is adorable! Love the little guy too! Love Grandma!