Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teething Pain

I think these pictures pretty much explains it all... Heh! He makes this face all the time, bites down really hard, and breathes hard out his nose. It's hilarious.

Owen has been teething. He cut two teeth a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't SO bad. The first tooth came through no problem. The second one was a little more painful, he was a little cranky and a few days were a little rough. But then pop! it came through and we had our happy boy back. However, after the second tooth broke through, his sleeping pattern has gone CRAZY. We've finally had him on a wonderful night time schedule and naps were slowly getting better. But after the teeth, he started waking up a lot more at night, and wide eyed awake at 4 AM! No thank you. Then naps took a total turn for the worst, as in he totally refused to sleep at all. Argh! That makes for one grumpy baby (and mommy!)! After a looooooooong week of "re-sleep training" bedtime is back on track and he's sleeping better at night, he's still waking up between 5-6, but we're getting there. Naps... are a different story. We are starting ALL over. The only time I can get a decent nap from him is if I hold him the whole (the hour/hour and a half!) time. All you mommies out there have any advice?? I'm not sure I can do this with each tooth!

So far this week, he's been all smiles. (As long as he gets his naps!)


Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing at these pictures.... he's so cute. I miss you!

F said...

Sad little guy! Brooklin has this insane pain tolerance so we haven't had to mess with the teething pain - but as far as naps go, if I needed it to be nap time but she wasn't ready for nap time, I'd just let her cry it out - but that's not always the best answer for everyone since it's kinda heart breaking. Have you done the baby orajel for when he gets really achy? Or baby tylenol. If you're into drugs. Good luck! Hopefully he'll remember how awesome naps are! :)

Joel & Megan said...

I know what you mean about teething pain. Alice actually didn't get her first teeth until she was 13 months old, but just these past two weeks she has popped a whopping 7 teeth ALL AT ONCE!!! It was CRAZY!!! She was cranky a bit and of course it happened when we were moving.

I do hope the naps and bedtime get better. Alice can get thrown off her schedule quite easily but she was has gotten a WHOLE lot better at sleeping as she has gotten older. I don't know if I have any ideas or advice on how to help him with naps. Alice also had a hard time. I say at least with teething to try orajel and Tylenol, and having bedtime/naptime routine helps. Anyway, I hope all goes well and that naptime gets better.

Kirsten said...

omg that first picture is the funniest thing I've ever seen!!! I just showed it to Sean and he couldn't stop laughing either! :) We need you to come visit so I can just squeeze that lil guy! He's so dang cute!!!!!! Hope you get some sleep soon...i know how it is!