Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Shad!

Here is Owen and Shad on Saturday. Owen was sportin' support for BOTH of Shad's Alma Mater (or Soon to be Alma Mater!!)

On Saturday, October 16th, my dear, sweet husband turned 28!!! Wow, only 2 more years until the big 3-0!!! Shad got all his annual birthday fix-in's complete with pumpkin pie, chocolate dream pie, and pumpkin cookies. We had a little "party" on Saturday with a few friends from the ward and law school to share in the pie-mania! And I forgot to take PICTURES!! Me? I know... shocking, but I was too wrapped up in baking and entertaining. :)

Also, last Friday we took Owen up to Greenbluff to the pumpkin patch to pick out our family pumpkins. We each picked one. We wanted to go Friday to beat the weekend crowd, and usually they have these AMAZING pumpkin donuts, hot and fresh. However, we sadly learned that they only serve them on the weekends (Sat and Sun). So we missed out, but we did opt for a gallon of their freshly made cider! We certainly had our pumpkin fill with the pie and cookies to make up for it!

It was a fun way to celebrate my hubby's big weekend! Shad deserves the best, he works SO hard at school, work, law review, husband/father. I am so proud of him and everything is to us. Owen and I are so lucky to have him around. Happy birthday Shad, I love you!

A few pics from the patch:

He did this A LOT when we put him down! :)

He was really into the grass, more so than the pumpkins! He even tried to eat it!

Happy Fall Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

The last picture is so cute I just want to kiss his little cheeks off! And I love that he gets to wear his jersey I got him lots. Long live football season :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAD

Kirsten said...

cute!! I REALLY want to take McKinley to a pumpkin patch! They are just pretty hard to find here in Las Vegas. Oh and i LOVE th epics on your previous post where he is escaping from his bouncer ha ha ha! I laugh now...wait til it's lil McKinley AAHHHHH!!!!!! We need to get our kids together...this is getting crazy. oh and Happy Birthday Shad!! hope it soft rocked your world :)

Brad and Kjirstin said...

I'm sad that we missed another awesome Shad B-day. The pictures with the pumpkins are so cute, if we had our little girl right now I would totally try and copy you.

Chelsea said...

I love those pictures - he is so cute by the pumpkins! You've got a really great eye. And yay for Shad! AND I am going to be in Spokane for a lot of November - we'd LOOOVE to see you guys!

Rosalie said...

I am glad you had an awesome birthday, Son! The pictures are always great Krista! I love the football one! Love you all and miss you!