Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Good ol' Fair Food & Fun!!

My mom came over for a couple of visits two weekends in a row while my dad was over in Finland visiting the fam. It was GREAT to have her here those few days, and some extra help around the house. She helped me clean my house, and helped with Owen in the morning when he would wake up at 5 30!! Plus, Owen just adores his grandma, so he truly enjoyed her company. The first weekend she was here we decided to take a family trip to the Fair. My main motivation for going to the fair is the food. Seriously. Delicious. We spent a ridiculous amount on food, its embarrassing. At least its only once a year! But we also enjoyed walking around and checking out all the animals. Overall, a good time was had by all. :)

We stuffed our faces:

We had Funnel Cake, topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and strawberries:

My personal Fav, the Elephant Ear:

And Curly Fries, we didn't get a before pic, but it was a massive BRICK. We also got corn on the cobb... delicious!

Even Owen got in on the food action!

It was a bit windy!! Owen's hair cracks me up!

We saw lots of Animals, Owen liked the Goats the best.

This cow had major attitude, it kept mooing at us and giving us the stink eye:

Owen's faces and reaction to the animals were hilarious! So wide eyed!

I love the Fair!


F said...

so much fun! i love the fair too :) and elephant ears are definitely a fave! cinnamon sugar all the way!

Kirsten said...

fun times!!! I haven't had a funnel cake in SOOOO long!!! I wanted to get one when I was pregnant and we went to Magic Mountain...but by the time we decided to get something to eat and found funnel cake, I was feeling sick and only got a lemonaide :( Owen's hair ROCKS!!!! My mom saw that picture and started laughing ha ha love you guys

Rosalie said...

These were awesome pictures! How fun and Owen's face is precious looking at the animals. Thank you for sharing.

Rachel said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about Owen's hair getting long! That picture of the wind really shows it, otherwise you can't really tell!

I absolutely love the pictures of him wide-eyed, it's beyond awesome. So funny!

Hey, on another note, I had a friend who just moved to the Seattle area. Where in Washington are you? She lives in Kirkland...

tracy said...

So fun! i haven't been to the fair in like....forever! Love the pics and Owen's hair...hilarious and adorable.

On the food front...looks delicious...annnnnd...i think i need a water fast! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm so obsessed with the fair! JEALOUS. His little face in the 2nd to last picture is classic haha. How cute can he get seriously?!

I'm over due for an elephant ear.