Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! From us here at Hogwarts!

Ron, Hermione, & Harry :)

We decided on a Hogwarts/Harry Potter Theme this year because Shad and I read all 7 books together this summer, and just finished them last month. It was the first time Shad had read the books. Plus we are gearing up for the release of the 7th movie in just a few weeks!!

Poor little Harry had a rough night. This little tyke has been so sick all week. He was finally starting to get better yesterday, but tonight he was in full blown melt down mode. He would not let me put him down for anything, he wouldn't even let Shad hold him. Poor boy, just needed some mommy snuggles. We are praying that he gets better soon. It really has been so sad watching him suffer so long.

Little Harry did enjoy the Trunk Or Treat, he loved watching people put candy into his little bag!

He also enjoyed this little halloween rubber ducky he got from the trunk or treat, he didn't let it go all night. He even took it to the bath! Plus it was a good distraction to get some pics with the glasses on. He would NOT keep them on all night! :)


Brad and Kjirstin said...

That is too cute. I love that you dressed up as a family, even Owen. Now since you did all the work to help Owen get the candy I would say that you deserve at least half his stash.

Annette Larsen said...

I looooooove your costumes! How completely cute are you?? Little Harry is rather dashing. Family costumes are so fun!

Courtney said...

How fun you guys! What a fun first Halloween for little Harry. :)

Kelli Brewer said...

How cute! Adam was also impressed =)

Rosalie said...

You two do such cute things like reading together and dressing up together and just being...well so fun together! It warms my heart to see it. Thank you for just being you! I love you! :}

Anonymous said...

AWWWW so cute!! And Krista you look beautiful. Love that your hair is perfectly curly for the role.