Friday, December 3, 2010


"WOW!" ... Is one of Owen's new favorite words!!! Owen is growing so much everyday, and picking up new things every day!! He may not be totally mobile yet, he can sort of army crawl, but really doesn't care to move. He's content rolling or sitting still! But, Wow oh Wow, is his brain working and soaking up everything! He's such a smarty pants! He loves to mimic your sounds, words, and actions. And it's just so dang cute I can't even stand it! We love every minute of him, and watching him grow is so much fun!

The other night I was over at a friends house and she was showing him their Christmas tree to keep him from crying (since I was in the other room), while showing him the tree she said 'Wow,' and next thing we knew, Owen was coping her! He said it over and over at her house! We tried to get him to do it this morning, but only got a little bit out of him!

Owen saying "Wow!":

Owen is growing up way too fast, I cannot believe my baby is going to be 10 months in 3 days!!! What!? Every time I think or talk about his upcoming 1st birthday I get all teary eyed. I'm just not ready. Here is Owen at 10 months:

Owen Can:
- Army Crawl (sort of!)
- Feed himself a Bottle
- Claps and dances!
- Gives Kisses
- Says "ma-ma" and "da-da"
- Mimics Sounds
- Laughs- A LOT!
- Tries to pull himself up
- Waves "bye-bye"
- Claps
- Signs "More"
- Gives high fives
- Says "Wow!"
- Tries to blow kisses
- Feeds himself snacks
- Babbles all the time (da-da-da-da!)

Owen Loves:
- His Momma!! (my little Mama's boy!)
- Mickey Mouse (clubhouse-- so cute!)
- Books/reading
- Grandma
- Other Kids (Esp. our friend Harrison, who's 3!)
- Bath time/ splashing
- Snuggling
- Music/dancing
- To eat!
- Rolling (esp. on the bed)
- Playing in the bathroom with the mirror
- Naps with momma!
- Singing, 'Wheels on the Bus' is his personal fav.
- Prefers Women over men... but he LOVES his daddy!

Owen Does not like:
- Car seat/Car rides
- Being tickled too much
- Strangers
- Dirty diapers
- Being left alone in the room

On Thanksgiving, playing with his new Big Boy toy: CARS!

1o months... really?? Oh man, does any one know how to stop time?


Brad and Kjirstin said...

I love that first wow on the video, definitely gave me a chuckle because of how cute Owen is.

Kelli Brewer said...

Autumn can't say anything yet! Just a lot of gibberish in her own language =)

I love his spiked hair!

Anonymous said...

Ummm you forgot that he loves ME!! Lol he's so cute.

Rosalie said...

Toooo Cute! Thanks for sharing the video so I can watch him growing! I miss you all a great deal! Spring come quick so you can come visit! :}

Kirsten said...

that's so cute!!! love it :)