Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Pictures

Over Christmas break, we had our family pictures taken by one of our really good friends. He is so talented, and so nice to take our pictures for us! He had rented out some really NICE lenses to use and it made for a really nice effect. Lucky us to know someone so talented! (Thanks Jay!! You're awesome!)

Here are some (a lot) of our favorites:

It was FREEZING outside! And one of the few times Auburn has snow! But I was determined to get the outside shots!

Yes, I was COLD.
Shad and Owen were so cute in their matching sweaters! I love that we found this one for Owen!

We also happened to taken these pics the DAY of my parents 27th anniversary! They are such wonderful parents and grandparents!

Our handsome boy:

The five of us.


Marilyn said...

I LOVE them!! They turned out so nice. You have a gorgeous family. I love those matching sweaters!!

Rosalie said...

They are all so awesome! You all are very photogenic! :} Would you bring me a 5x7 for my wall when you come to town! Which ever one you like the best! Happy Grandma!!!

the S family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Their matching jackets are cute, and Owen is absolutely adorable!!! Everyone looks great!!!!

heisskalt said...

Gorgeous people make for gorgeous pics! Those are so good - I love them! Miss you all!

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Wow those are so good! Not only do you have a talented friend, but a good looking family!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you wore a tee shirt in the snow you crazy lady. These came out beautiful!!

Chelsea said...

What cute pictures! I love them!

The Oram's said...

so i'm so printing some of these for my wall of pictures. i might have to go buy a new frame just for the one of the tree of you. you guys look amazing!