Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Christmas Vacation

We had a wonderfully long vacation! It was great! We flew over to Auburn for almost two weeks. This was the first long Christmas vacation we have ever had in our six Christmas' together. Shad or I have ALWAYS had to work on or right around Christmas, and although we have always been blessed to have jobs, being home for BOTH Christmas and New Years was so nice. Especially for Owen's first Christmas! Plus it was a welled deserved break for Shad after killer finals and semester! Owen loved every second of all the attention from the grandparents. He was spoiled rotten by all with gifts and attention! And having free and willing babysitters around was fantastic! He sure is a grandma's boy! Now its back to LOTS of snow and cold, reality, work, then back to school for Shad's final semester!! Only 4 MONTHS left until Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our vacation in pictures, be prepared there are A LOT:

Owen LOVED looking out the window on the plane. There was no chance getting him to nap! Luckily, its only a 45 min flight:

I thought this was a funny candid of us on Christmas Eve:

Us with my parents, the traditional family photo before gifts:

Excited for presents! He's so cute!

Owen with his MOUND of gifts! So spoiled:

His favorite present was a book from mommy and daddy, he did not let this thing go the whole time while opening gifts! He was so excited about it!

Owen wasn't the only one spoiled; Santa was also very good to Shad and I! My parents got me a hot flash studio lighting umbrella/soft box kit! AWESOME!

After opening presents on Christmas Eve we headed over to our best friends, the Lomeli's home, for a wonderful dinner, followed by a nice Christmas devotional, and more gifts!

Owen was the center of attention! He recently learned how to give kisses, he likes the pretty girls:

Owen LOVES grandma! On Christmas Day my mom made an AMAZING dinner for lots of friends to join us! (This picture was taken with my new flash kit... I know its a little over exposed. I have no idea how to use it...YET!)

It also snowed while we there, which is kind of a rarity in Auburn! It was very pretty. And icy! At least it was only an inch or two. Sadly, we came home to Spokane to TONS of snow on the ground! :(

One of the highlights of the trip is we got to visit with our dear friends the Brooksby's! They moved to Tennessee, so it's really a treat to see them!

They have such a sweet little girl, who is only two weeks older than Owen! Jay, was kind enough to also take our family pictures while we were there! Can't wait to see them!!!!

We also got to visit with Shad's sister, Heidi, and her family! Owen enjoyed the time with Aunt Heidi and her three girls! (He was a little bit afraid of Uncle Steven!) We also got to ring in the New Year with them! So fun!

Another highlight was how much time I got to spend with my best friend Kambria. We spent almost everyday together on this trip! Love her! Shad and I went out on a double date with her and her NEW fiance to downtown Seattle. It was so fun, and great to get out!

Yeah... we're best friends:

The two lovebirds; we are so excited for them!

I told you there were a lot of pictures! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! We sure are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to spend it with!


Marilyn said...

Looks like a perfect vacation! So glad you were surrounded by so many loved ones. happy new year! And so jealous you got to see the Brooksbys :)

Rosalie said...

I can see you had a great time visiting for Christmas break. They are awesome pictures and awesome people! Thank you for sharing. I miss everyone soooo much! Give hugs and kisses from Grandma Rosalie! :}

Anonymous said...

Yay I love these pictures they came out SO CUTE! You'll have to e-mail me my kissy picture with Owen it cracks me up. We had so much fun with you guys and I miss you xoxo

the S family said...

Ahhhh! Love all the pics. There are a few where Owen looks SO much like Shad. Especially the one with his presents! I recognize that book, Casen loves his too! I am SO glad you guys were able to have fun and have a real vacation!!! I hope this last semester goes by quick. I can't believe Shad is almost done with law school, yay for Shad!!!! Love you and miss you guys! And we have you next year for Christmas, so we will get to spoil you like you spoiled us!!!

The Oram's said...

i wish we lived closer! i cry to see pictures of owen. its weird because i have my own baby but i still want to hold him when i see the pictures. i'm sad they don't get to play much together!

Tara said...

It's always fun to see you! Glad you had a great vacation and got spoiled, too. :)

Chelsea said...

I am so glad you had such a great time! I heard about the COOOLD weather in Spokane, so at least you got a little bit of a reprieve. I am SO excited for the fact that Shad is graduating this year - what a big year for you guys! That is just too fantastic! I don't know when we're going to Spokane again, but hopefully before you guys head out.