Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packin' & Walkin'

We are packin' up! We move on Friday! I cannot believe it's here. Goodness, we have already started to say our goodbyes to the ward, and some dear friends. Its so sad. And packing is making me CRAZY!! I hate having such a messy house in such a disarray! I can't stand the unoragnized feeling. Yuck. Somedays I feel like this will NEVER get done, especially not by Friday! So. much. stuff. Did I mention that I HATE packing?

I think Owen is excited to move in with grandma and have 4 adults at his constant beck and call!
Also, yesterday, Owen finally got brave enough to take some MAJOR walking steps on his own!! Yay Owen!
He's cruising and running ALL over the house with his walker, so I KNEW he was capable of walking. Just needed the guts! :)

Our video camera was out of commission and I took some OK video with my phone. But he is so wobbly we constantly had to catch him, that the video is just ALL over the place. So here are my action shots! I had my portrait lens on, not so good for the "action" so these are blurry. But you get the idea...
Then back:
Forward again:
And back to daddy:
Sweet success!

I tried and tried to get Owen to walk again today, but he was just too afraid. I'm sure before I know it he will be all over the house! But... He still gets around pretty good:

Just because... this was tonight just before bed time. So cute!


F said...

good job owen! haha he's so cute. and seriously, you are right SOON he will be ALL OVER the house! ah! all good. i'm excited to have you close!! good luck with the packing!

Courtney said...

Isn't it crazy how much stuff three people can accumulate? Especially when one of those three people is so tiny? When we moved last year, I kept saying over and over, "We have WAY too much stuff! Some of it has got to GO!" Good luck with the move, and YAY for Owen! Hopefully you can get your video camera up and running soon so we can see those cute little wobbly steps.

Kirsten said...

awww so cute Walkin' man!! i HATE packing and moving!!!! UGHH!!!! I am SO NOT jealous of you right now!!! although i have to say, I'm kind of gla dyou're moving to Seattle so I get to see your parents :) lol

Anonymous said...

Well I'm excited you will be in A-town where I will get to see you more (I hope)! Good luck with finishing the move. And I get to see you SO SOON!

Rachel said...

Way to go Owen! You can tell he's so proud of himself with that huge grin on his face. What a stud.

Also, I'm with you 100% on hating moving. It's so stressful to have boxes and chaos everywhere. I always tell myself to "embrace the chaos" but I never do as good as I hoped. Hopefully you can "embrace the chaos" and not go crazy! Good luck! :)

Rachel said...

Ummm, heck yes, we would totally love it for you guys to come visit. You and your family are welcome anytime! :)

Rosalie said...

Too fun! I am glad he is trying harder now! He is so adorable!!1