Saturday, April 30, 2011

Settling In

Well... we survived the move!

Shad is back in Spokane finishing up finals and classes, he has been there for a week and we still have ONE MORE WEEK to go! :( It's hard being without him, but he is so crazy busy with finals it's a good thing we are apart...maybe?! And thanks to the magic of Skype we get to see him daily!

We are almost all settled in here; still trying to move some rooms around. And it will take some getting used to being back home. I feel like I'm on vacation, it still hasn't sunk in that I am not going back to Spokane.

And just as we get settled in here, Owen and I have a Utah trip coming up! My best friend, Kambria, is getting married on Saturday!!! I am SO excited to go down and be a part of her big day! And its a bonus that we will also get to see some of Shad's family too! Hooray! Then the Saturday after that, May 14th, we will all travel back to Spokane because... Shad GRADUATES from Law School!!!! Whoop! I am just bursting with pride! So lots of new and exciting things coming our way! Its going to be a CRAZY couple of weeks! But at least we got the move out of the way!!! Phew!

Owen is sure enjoying his new diggs!

We have the "Owen-Suite," as my dad likes to call it. AKA my old room!

Its so big! Lots of room for mischief! :)
There are now stairs to climb up!
... more trouble coming our way!

The walking is SLOWLY coming along. He definitely can walk and stand on his own... he just is still too timid to venture out on his own. But he loves to walk back and forth between people (my mom and I)! I LOVE these little wobbly steps!

Whenever he is excited and has a new achievement, he loves to throw his arms up whenever we say "TOUCHDOWN!" (He will surely be ready for COUGAR football come Fall!)

And everything is better with Grandma around!
Owen gives my mom this cheesy little smirk every time she enters the room! He LOVES to play with her!

The move is still hard on this little guy... change always is. I'm not sure how much he understands, but he knows there was a major change and disruption. His naps have been affected, and I know that he misses his daddy. But everyday gets a little bit better... and feels more and more like home. :)


DevinHM said...

The 'Owen-Suite' ! Love it! He is such a stud! I totally have pics of Devin doing TOUCHDOWN just like that at about the same age as Owen! So cool!! It for all for the 49ers for his daddy! lol
Glad kids are so resiliant at a young age.
Hugs to all of you! Conrats to Shad - you rock!

Rachel said...

I'm glad the move went well. Moving is always hard on children. It'll take time to adjust, but children are so adaptable. I'm sure he'll become to be just as happy where you are, as in Spokane.
Have fun on your trip to Utah! I'm actually in Utah right now visiting family, and am going back home tonight! You're lucky you're going next week. It SNOWED on my this week. Lame. Utah must hate me, or something. :)

Rosalie said...

I can tell that although the move was rough, he is loving the stairs and his Grandma Ratinen. I miss him and excited I get to see him again so soon even if he does not know this Grandma well!