Friday, April 1, 2011

Long Overdue Haircut

Well, we finally cut off Owen's cute little baby curls (See post below). It was sad to say goodbye, but I have to admit it looks pretty dang cute now. And I'm sure they will grow back, right?! Although Owen has had two "haircuts" or trims I should say done by yours truly. This was his first "official" haircut from a professional. He was a champ. He hardly squirmed around at all, and my Visiting Teacher did a stand up job on both my boys (Shad also got one done). He looks like a little gentlemen! :)

Most of the time he just sat like this (as long as he had a distraction):

'Aw, Mom... Do I have to do this!?'

Watch Out ladies...!

...Take a look at that HUNK!
(I love this picture!)
Shad styled him today and called it "the messy look." Very GQ.

So handsome! He now looks like my little boy, instead of baby! *Sigh*


Kelli Brewer said...

I love Shad's GQ look. =)

F said...

i love it! so cute. can't wait for you guys to be close! :))

Tara said...

Such cute pictures of an adorable new haircut.

Rosalie said...

Very adorable with and without the haircut! I get to see him in about a month again....I am excited! I look forward to seeing you the first part of May...then again at graduation! Yes! Two times in May...yay for Grandma!!! :}