Saturday, July 30, 2011

See Ya Later!

Tomorrow we leave for FINLAND!!! I still cannot believe the trip is actually here, we have been waiting for this trip for a year pretty much. We are busy, busy, busy! Packin', shoppin', running errands, doing laundry, and trying to get ready to go! 3 weeks is a long time to be gone! By the time we get back:

-Owen will be in NURSERY!
-I will most definitely have some form of a baby belly (Its already starting to pop!)
-I'll be a year older, 26! (My Birthday is Tuesday!)
-Shad will hit the job search HARD... please pray he finds something soon!
-We'll have less than a month until we find out what BABY is! :)
-We'll all be SUPER jet-lagged!

I hope everything goes well and Owen does GREAT with the travel and with the time change!
Wish us luck and we'll see you in 3 WEEKS!!!


Rachel said...

GOOD LUCK! You are one brave Mama. I'm always super impressed when anyone travels that far with young kids. That's no small thing.
I'm sure it will totally be worth it!!!! Way cool. Cant wait to see all the pictures from your adventures in Finland.

Chelsea said...

Have tons of fun!! I hope it is absolutely wonderful. So I am finally catching up after a few weeks hiatus from blogging and gotta say - CONGRATS!!!! I am so excited for you guys and the big brother (:

Rachel said...

That would be awesome if you came down. We'd love to go to the game with you! Do you have a place to stay? You are more than welcome to stay with us! We love having visitors.
My email is mrs.terrazas It's a gmail account.

Rosalie said...

I left a voice mail Happy Birthday and still do not know if you got it! I think the cake in your other post looked scrumptious! I am glad you had so much fun! Love Mom McOmber