Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kaisa-Girl at 3 Months!

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 months on the 5th! I'm always amazed at how fast time can fly! 

Kaisa is just the sweetest little thing. I cannot believe that there was ever a time in my life that I was afraid of having a baby girl! She brings us so much joy. She completes our family in a way I never thought possible. We all just adore her! 

Kaisa is a very, very good baby. I am very blessed to have such a sweet little girl. She hardly fusses, and is pretty content to sit and watch all the action from the sidelines. She sleeps at night like a champ, and eats pretty well too. She just loves to be held and snuggled. (Which is fine by me!) She loves her big brothers. And just loves attention from anyone willing to give it. She has a huge contagious smile and squeal that will melt your heart!

We can work on napping. She is not a great napper. And I'm not sure if its due to the fact that her brothers are so loud that it makes it impossible... or she just hasn't found the right rhythm. So... that sometimes can make it hard to get things done! I'd gladly hold her all day long on the couch and snuggle her to sleep, but unfortunately with two demanding big brothers... that is just not possible! :) 

Physically, I am already seeing the difference between my boys and this girl. She already seems ahead of the game. I've heard girls develop a little bit quicker... and so far she is proving to be a quick learner! She can roll over, grab at her toes, grab toys/blankets/hands, and has been able to hold her head steady since 8 weeks! 

Sweet sleeping girl... I could hold her all day long! 

This may look like a torturous type of straight jacket... but she loves it! 

Kaisa At Three Months:

- LOVES her Momma! She is a Momma's girl for sure!
- Adores her Big Brothers
- Is SO SO SO loved by both Owen and Nathan... They cannot get in enough kisses!
- Loves to smile and laugh
- Is very ticklish!
- Likes to be swaddled
- Kicks when she's happy/excited
- Likes to grab things... hands, burp rags, blankets, toys, her feet/toes!
- Is pretty good at tummy time
- Has at least 1-2 blow outs a day! (We go through a lot of outfits!)
- Likes to suck on her hands
- Is becoming more social... she likes attention and being talked too
- Likes her "Baby Gym"
- Loves to laugh at herself in the mirror!
- Still sleeps in Mommy and Daddy's room
- Has a CRAZY full head of hair!
- Is so sweet

Kaisa is pretty even tempered, and tolerates many things, even if she doesn't love them!

Kaisa tolerates:
- Bathtime
- Tummy Time
- Her big brothers slobbering all over her with kisses!
- A messy Diaper
- The bouncer

Kaisa Hates:
- Her carseat! Most car rides we have to endure a lot of screaming from Kaisa-Girl... and she is LOUD. Certainly the loudest of all my children! She gets the other two worked up in a little bit of frenzy sometimes. It makes going places that much MORE difficult. In fact, all my children at this young baby stage HATED the car. Hmm??? I'm beginning to think that whole "Babies love the car and sleep the whole time" is a myth!
- Shopping carts
- Stroller...pretty much anything that requires her to be in her carseat. She would much rather be toted around in the baby carrier where she can face outward and see the world
- She is not a fan of the Swing

Dear Kaisa,

You are three months old and growing so fast!! But in these three short months I didn't think it was possible to love you this much. You came into our family as such a surprise I was afraid I would be so overwhelmed with the prospect of three little babies. But that first moment I laid eyes on you, you completely captured my heart. I'm so in love with you.

Your Daddy once said that you were the missing puzzle piece that we didn't know we were missing. And that is 100% true! You have made our family feel more and more complete. And I know that you were meant to come into our family at this time. We all just adore you to pieces. your big brothers are just so smitten with you. They love to talk, kiss, hug, and "play" with you. You are a lucky lady to have such adoring fans! Those big brothers will always protect and love you!

You are just so yummy! That is my favorite way to describe you! I just want to squeeze you all the time! Just looking at you makes me smile and fills me up so big. You are so even tempered and sweet. And I absolutely love that about you! You love to just sit in my lap and quietly watch the world around you.

I'm excited to watch you learn and to grow! It's already been so fun watching you grow into a little person and see your sweet personality shine through. And I hope to learn and grow along side of you! So please be patient with me as I am learning too! I will in no way be perfect, but I hope that I can be the best mother to you as possible. There is something very special about being a girl... and I hope that I can help you learn that you are a very special Daughter of God and worth so much more that I can ever fully express.

I am one lucky Momma... and you help contribute to that 100%!!

I love you so much!

 We. Love. This. Girl. 


Marilyn said...

She is such a doll!!

Rosalie said...

The pictures are so adorable! You have captured her in words too! I am so grateful for you blog so I can see the little ones I love grow up!!!