Monday, August 5, 2013

My 28th Birthday

My 28th birthday was on Friday. And Oh what a birthday weekend it was! 

I'll admit, my birthday didn't have the best start...

On Thursday Nathan woke up with a fever and was acting like he really did not feel well at all. We were planning on taking a trip to Ocean Shores on Saturday for a little birthday getaway, and I was so hoping that we could still go. But...Nathan was still sick on Friday, and was still running a pretty steady fever. *Sigh* So we canceled our Ocean trip and I spent the day taking care of grumpy, sick Nathan. I also had a doctors appointment in Renton I had to go too, and then was stuck in traffic all afternoon! At this point I was feeling a little sad that my birthday was turning into such a blah day.

But things started to look up! 

My sweet hubby came home somewhat early from work (6PM), and agreed to watch and put to bed (Wow!) the three littles so that my mom could take me out! So, my sweet mother took me out to Southcenter from some girly shopping and a late, late dinner! It was great! I felt like a teenager again! My mom bought me all sorts of fun new clothes, make up, and a DELICIOUS dinner at the cheesecake factory. :) How awesome that at 28, and three kids later, my mother still takes me shopping and out for my birthday! 

Meanwhile... Shad and Owen were plotting a fun Saturday ahead! 

I woke up Saturday morning to two very excited little boys, who made me party hats the night before for my special day! Owen was SO excited about the party hats, it was so cute. 

 (Nathan still wasn't feeling very well... )

 Then Shad took the boys for a couple hours to shop for more birthday supplies. (While I got to snuggle and play with my little girl!) They came back equipped with gifts, streamers, balloons, and cupcakes for a perfect afternoon family party! Owen is at such a perfect age for birthday parties! (But young enough that he doesn't really care if there are many games, or people!) He is so excited at the idea of a party and singing "Happy Birthday" to someone. Our little family party was a big hit, and a very special day for Mommy! What a sweet family I have! They certainly made up for not going to the Ocean. ;) 

Even Kaisa got in on the party hat action!

We started the party with some dancing...

 Then some gifts! (Season 1 & 2 of Boys Meets World... that's right. Amazing!)

Me with my 3 favorite littles! 

And finally some pictures of me with my sweet girl. I love her. 

I'm also very grateful for all the friends & family who came by to bring me treats! Or all those who texted, called, FB, and emailed. I still have a load of candy, cupcakes, & ice cream from all the treats! Mmmm.... 


Rosalie said...

What fun, birthday hats and all. The pictures are awesome, the party looked wonderful and little Kaisa is so sweet! Happy Birthday again! :}

Marilyn said...

How wonderful! That's the best. Glad you had a great day:) Love ya!