Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ocean Shores in a Day

On Saturday we finally made it over to the beach. I have been wanting to go for a couple of weeks now, and yesterday we finally made it happen. With Shad being so very busy at work, me having Baby Kaisa, and us flying up some family for visits, we haven't really gone on any family vacations this year. I have been whining about not going anywhere this summer or doing anything fun... so I was happy to finally take a little outing with my kiddos. My dad is currently in Finland, so Grandma happily came along too! And we were happy to have an extra hand with the kids! Plus Ocean Shores is one of my Mom's favorite places. 

Ocean Shores is about two hours away. Its a little long for a quick day trip with three little kiddos, but it was still doable. I'm not itching to go on any other road trips anytime soon, but I'm glad we went. Owen was excited about seeing the "Pacific Ocean" and going to the beach. I knew the weather wasn't going to be stellar, but as a raised Washingtonian I know what to expect on our beaches! The boys loved it either way, and it was still a fun family outing. 

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. With the weather being so cloudy, but super bright still. The lighting there was perfect for some fun shots of the boys. 

Upon arrival we took a quick stroll on the beach. These pictures make it look much colder than it actually was. It was about 60* degrees out. 

Probably my favorite picture from the day. Perhaps something we will frame. I so love these two brothers!

Kaisa walking with Daddy... she didn't love how bright and windy it was! But she was a trooper!

 Our Nathan boy. 

Owen building a sand castle with Daddy! 

 After our walk, a little sand castle building, and a picnic on the beach; we decided to go buy a kite. I searched all kinds of local stores here to buy one before we left, but couldn't find any. Luckily we found one that wasn't too expensive. I think Shad had the most fun with it! He got it so high... ALL the way up! 

Each of the boys took turns flying it too. 

Me with my love. 

And of course, more of getting down and dirty in the sand!! 

Kaisa did a lot of this while we were there... Love this sweet little bug! 

Look at this handsome boy! 

 Beautiful  Grandma! 

A pretty perfect outing to the beach! I even didn't mind the clouds. 


Chelsea said...

How fun! I am glad you were able to sneak away. It's hard to do with lots of little kids! I have the pink headband Kaisa is working for our twins too and love it, my favorite headband(: Although with Kaisa's head of hair I don't think she'd be easily mistaken for a boy!

Rosalie said...

What adorable pictures! I can tell you all had such fun! Miss you all and thanks for sharing the fun!!!