Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I'll Miss...

Shad and I are getting ready to move at the end of the month... in 3 weeks to be exact!! AHHH! I am so not even ready for the move, but that is a whole other subject. We are moving over to the west side of WA, with my family for the summer while Shad takes the BAR exam and looks for a job in the Seattle area.We've always known that is where we wanted to end up living, and we feel pretty good about moving over there to try and find employment. However, it totally snuck up on me!! About a month ago is when I really realized that this is happening! Shad graduates MAY 14th, and he is done with school FOREVER! Crazy! So this last month I have been trying to think of things that I want to do here before we move, and it has really gotten me thinking about all the things that I will miss about this area. Even though I am stoked to be closer to family and finally able to move on and out with student life. It's sad to leave Spokane, something I never thought I'd say. It really does grow on ya!

Here are some things I will miss:

The Parks. Riverside Park is my FAVORITE park in this area. Its only about 20 minutes away, but you feel miles away from the city. I LOVE it. I am totally making Shad take me back here before we move!

Manito Park is another personal fav.

And Mirabeau Park, which is walking distance from us, and we love it!

The Lakes. There are SO many beautiful lakes in this area. Couer D'Alene is also so close by and very beautiful. I'm sure most of you can remember my deep love for Priest Lake. I REALLY wanted to fit in another trip up there before we move, but I doubt it will happen. :( Look at it, how can you not LOVE it there?!

Clean Water!

Spokane in general. I love the downtown riverfront park, the falls are so fun to walk around. Spokane is in interesting place sometimes. It's a big city with a smaller city feel. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. (But there are things that I will def. NOT miss about Spokane, like the fact that Shad's car was broken into twice in 6 months, the constant smoke smell that floods our apartment, the long winters, etc...)

The Falls downtown.

Memories. Owen was born here, and spent his first year here. Shad will always remember his years spent in Law school. We will always have deep connections to Spokane.

This is a bad picture, but this is the view from our apartment. The cream colored building with the red 'vh' near the left side of the picture is Valley Hospital. That is were Owen was born. Sometimes I look out the window and have fond memories of that CRAZY day just across the freeway!

The Law school:

THE WARD. We. Love. Our. Ward. Its going to be really hard to leave the ward members here. Going back to my home ward will be a nice transition because of the familiar faces, but we just don't want to let go. Shad and I are both in the youth (Laurel and Priest advisors) and we just LOVE being involved with that.

And of course, our dear friends. Shad and I have been lucky enough to meet so many good friends here. We've already had to say goodbye to a couple (*cough* Brooksbys & Greens *cough*) who've moved on from school sooner than us. But we still have many law school friends who are all going separate ways. And that is what we will miss MOST about Spokane.

On the upside: We really are excited to move over to Auburn. Closer to family, and I still have many high school friends over there. I love Western WA, and Seattle is one of my favorite places. I'm excited to explore more of the Northwest with Shad, and SO excited to move forward with life. :) Change is always sad and hard, but its also very welcome and exciting!


Whitney and Nathan said...

Isn't it crazy that Law School could really go that fast! I am like you, still totally in shock that it is over! Good luck with the bar, it's nice you will be with your parents. And yea for graduation, as crazy as it is, I think is is so AWESOME!!!

Rosalie said...

Very beautiful pictures Krista! Great memories too and western WA is not so far away from eastern WA that you could not visit occasionally! :} Life is about change...and boy does it happen! I love and miss you all!

Brad and Kjirstin said...

That is so crazy that you are almost graduating again! Your pictures make me want to live in Spokane, even if you get huge blizzards every year. Brad gets his schedule for next year soon so we will have to see when would be a good time to get together, sad to say that he pretty much doesn't get a summer this year we already know that. Good luck with the big test and job searching, but at least you will be home again.

Rachel said...

The Northwest is the best. Those pictures are beautiful!
I hope the move goes well for you and you find some good friends soon--having friends makes all the difference! I'm sure you will.

Marilyn said...

Oh this post makes me miss Spokane so much! It is gorgeous there and the parks are so awesome. Most of all we miss you though! Good luck packing up!