Thursday, December 18, 2008


Oh man... we have had some CRAZY weather here in Spokane! I was not aware that when we moved to Spokane we moved to the Artic! Geez! We are currently experiencing the worst winter storm I have ever been in! It's literally like Finland weather here, and trust me I know what Finland is capable of!! There is currently 2, yes TWO, feet of snow that fell since yesterday morning and is continuing to DUMP on us THROUGH tomorrow. They are predicting another foot of snow!! Shad had his last final scheduled for this morning but it has been cancelled!! All the schools are closed, all the universities are closed, the banks are closed, and even the malls are probably going to close! We are literally SNOWED in. Never in my life... this is absolutely nuts! On the bright side, our heater was fixed earlier this week, so at least we are staying nice and toasty inside! Phew! But There is no going anywhere today! There will be no dreaming of a White Christmas, this is for reals!
Here are some pictures of this crazy snow storm from our balcony: 

This is what it normally looks like from our balcony, to compare.

This is this morning at 7:30!!

Look at these cars!! Completely buried! You can kind of see my car parked in the background...buried on the street.  I couldn't get it up the hill last night after work! 

Snow, Snow, SNOW! 


Shad and Krista McOmber said...

This doesn't even show how bad it really is; but for a city that has bad winters to shut down EVERYTHING because of has to be bad.


Kirsten said...

I do not envy you. This reminds me of Rexburg. I hate Rexburg. It has been snowing here too. But at least it didn't snow on my birthday :D Don't die!! Sometimes when it snowed like that in Rexburg, i wanted to kill myself ha ha jk...but not really. I really wanted to kill myself.

Unknown said...

I left for sunny AZ on monday, but Brooks is still dealing with all the craziness there in Spokane. Thanks for the pictures. Now I know what i am "missing out" on.

Doug and Marilyn said...

Man it's cold here...good luck with your car!! and thanks again for the guys are awesome.