Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Serious Silliness

Owen has been popping out a couple of teeth this week, so it has been a little bit of a rough go for both of us. Poor guy, he is waking up super early (between 4 30 and 5 30 every morning) and is just a lot more cranky these days. But our little man still manages to smile and laugh most of the time, and we've found some ways to be silly together and have fun!

Here are some funny photos we've managed to capture with our little guy as of lately:

This was actually a couple of weeks ago, but still funny. Anytime Owen falls asleep in our arms, he ALWAYS reaches up to make sure we're still there, grabbing our noses, lips, chin, whatever...

Hilarious. He loves to eat my phone. The little rascal will do anything to rip it out of my hands. The teething ring was for my entertainment.

Lounging around with dad, I love this face, his grouchy I just woke up face!

Summer fun in the pool, during the last few days left of warm weather...

His hair is out of CONTROL, Shad and I cannot tell if its curly or wavy, or straight. But we can never keep it down. Most of the time it looks like this:

And then when I try and style it... it comes out like this:

Tummy time is still a no-go with him, especially when teething:

He likes to YELL these days, instead of full out crying (This pic is a bit blurry):

When you're teething you find anything to chew on... including taking off your shoe and eating your toes/socks:

This little boy makes me laugh. What a crack up!


Shalise & Jason Staples said...

I am sorry for teething- I KNOW your pain! Keira has been for a month now and still not a single tooth has came through. I would not worry about tummy time too much, he will when he is ready. He is a cute little guy! I love the hair!

Courtney said...

Krista, there are WAY too many fabulous pictures in this post to mention them all, but I LOVE his faces! The yell, the "i just woke up," the smile with his crazy hair. I just love that little boy. I want to see him again!

Chelsea said...

What cute pictures! It is amazing all those little quirky things they do, and all of a sudden you realize that they're doing something new instead, and you never recorded the previous thing. He's such a darling!

Kirsten said...

those are some stinkin cute pics :) I love that he chewed on his foot!! ha ha OH and GREAT HAIR!!!!! I can't wait til you come to visit and I can play with all that hair ha ha love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all, did I take that pool picture?? I think I did and go me haha. The foot one kills me. He is so cute I just miss him.

Rosalie said...

Toooo funny! Wow, he is growing so much each day! I miss seeing you grow Owen! Love Grandma Rosalie